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The United Sacred Harp Musical Association

Antioch Baptist Church, Ider, Alabama

September 10-11, 2022

Saturday, September 10

After not meeting in 2020 and 2021, the 117th session of The United Sacred Harp Musical Association met at Antioch Baptist Church on the second Sunday and Saturday before in September. Phillip Langley called the class to order, welcoming all attending, followed by leading 59. The opening prayer was offered by Shane Brown.

Leaders: Anna Hinton 142; David Ivey 177; Nicholas Thompson 149; Jesse Karlsberg 275t; Erica Hinton 139; Cindy Tanner 208; Shane Brown 228; Judy Chambless 454; Aaron Wootten 101t; Lucey Rose Karlsberg 146; Daniel Lee 302; Jerry Turlington 162; Pam Wilkerson and Syble Adams 472.


Phillip Langley called the class to order leading 301.

A business session was held and the following Officers and Committee Members were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Marty Wootten; Vice Chairman—Jamey Wootten; Secretary—Pam Nunn; Arranging Committee—Cindy Tanner and Anna Hinton; Chaplain—Shane Brown; Finance Committee—David Saylors and Aaron Wootten; Memorial Committee—Terry Wootten, Hayden Wootten, and Linda Thomas; Resolutions Committee—Jesse Karlsburg and Erica Hinton; Locating Committee—David Ivey, Tom George, and Jared Wootten.

Leaders: Terry Wootten and Calvin Norwood 278b; Sheri Taylor and Laura Frey 178; Karen Rollins and Rodney Ivey 120 (in honor of Philip Denney); Bill Dupre 49b; Daniel Williams 328; Nathan Rees 207; Pam Nunn 528; Phil Summerlin 354t; Sara George 111b; Daryl Chesney 192; Jamey Wootten 441; Samuel Williams 102; Cheyenne Ivey 182; Winfred Kerr 517.


The class was brought back to order by Marty Wootten leading 56t. Leaders: David Saylors and Pam Wilkinson 203; Sara Wootten 460; Eli Hinton 455; Garrett Morton 426b; Ainslie Allen 542; Elijah Boggs 32t; Meredith Ivey 37b; April Watkins 546; Clayton Boggs, Joseph Boggs, and Chris Boggs 571 (CB); Macie Bell and Karalee Bell 445; Deborah Taube 99; Everett Ivey 153, 108t; Robert Chambless 348b; Isaac Boggs 319; Teresa Saylors 209; Chris Boggs 290. Prayer was given by Shane Brown.


Jamey Wootten led 144 to begin the afternoon session. Leaders: Tom George 273; Hayden Wootten and Brooke Smith 312b, 448t; Kelsey Ivey and Meredith Ivey 30b; Jamie Jordan 73t; Cäcilia Mann 198; Calum Woods 186; Barrett Patton 456; Elene Stovall 172; Brent DeBears and Jason Rosenberg 202; Emily Stutzman 480; Syble Adams 47b; Linda Thomas 345b; Matt Hinton and Calum Woods 110 (in memory of Queen Elizabeth II); Linda Sides 277; Susan Cherones 349; Rodney Ivey and Karen Rollins 298; Anna Oliver 572 (CB); Joyce Morton and Rachel Mann 511t (CB); Cassie Allen 205; Donna Wootten 314; Jeannette Graves and Joyce Morton 505 (CB); Shane Wootten and Karen Rollins 225t (in memory of Lonnie Rogers); Reba Windom 224; Lorrie Wootten, Jared Wootten, Hayden Wootten, and Jamey Wootten 49t; Chelsea Wootten 559 (CB); Terry Wootten and Marty Wootten “Pass Me Not”. Shane Brown led the closing prayer.

Sunday, September 11

The Sunday session of the United Sacred Harp Musical Association began with Marty Wootten leading 82t. Shane Brown offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Marty Wootten 47t; Jamey Wootten 128; Isaac Green 422; Deborah Morton 299; Teresa Saylors and Sierra Saylors 47b; Cole Wootten, Lane Brown, and Hayden Wootten 441; Matt Hinton 84; Macie Bell 319; Daniel Lee 287; Blake Sisemore 371; Scott Ivey 414; Susan Cherones 56b; Jerry Turlington 288.


Jamey Wootten brought the class back together by leading 56t. Leaders: Tom George 109; Linda Sides 82b; Emily Stutzman 64; Jared Wootten 276; Everett Ivey and Kelsey Ivey 401; Isaac Boggs 153; Eli Hinton 186; April Watkins 542; Meredith Ivey 425; Clayton Boggs 354b; Ainslie Allen 430; Elijah Boggs 37b; Garrett Morton 511; Colby Brown 76b; Samuel Williams 411; Aaron Wootten 63; Nathan Rees 217; Richard Ivey and Everett Ivey 48t; Erica Hinton 314.


Shane Brown called the class to order by leading 39t. Leaders: Barrett Patton 377; David Jackson 426t; Shane Wootten 283 (in honor of Marlon Wootten and Don Bowen); Nicholas Thompson 301; Jackie Tanner 73t; Stefani Priskos 384; Anna Hinton 383; Calum Woods 227; Cheyenne Ivey 432; Daniel Williams 74t. Chris Boggs offered prayer.


Marty Wootten led 546. Leaders: Brooke Smith and Hayden Wootten 225t; Cäcilia Mann 344; Rodney Ivey 97; Anna Oliver 99; Michelle Boggs, Chris Boggs, Isaac Boggs, Clayton Boggs, and Elijah Boggs 511b (CB); Lucey Rose Karlsberg 196; Sarah George 176t; Kelsey Ivey and Meredith Ivey 67.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Terry Wootten, Hayden Wootten, and Linda Thomas. Terry remembered those that have been lost since the last United Convention, held in 2019. Linda Thomas read the following list of names of the deceased: Bill Windom, Coy Ivey, Mary Ruth Steifel, Velton Chafin, Joan Aldridge, Jewel Wootten, Irene Killingsworth, Charlie Ivey, Margaret Spurlock, Ottis Sides, Renae Makris, Jayne Fulmer, Kathleen Robbins, Jerry Capps, Kenneth Sunderlin, Rozlyn Greene, Jan Stanson, Ruthie Greeson, Dr. Charles Isabel, Jeanne Lacey Harbin, and Alma Lacey Williamson—Alabama; Curtis Owen—Texas; Sue Bunch—Florida; Ted Mercer—Illinois; Bill Beverly—Michigan; Bentley McGuire and Richard DeLong—Georgia; Werner Giebberman—Germany; Rebecca Over—United Kingdom. Terry Wootten led 354b in their honor.

Linda then read the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Doug Ivey, Loyd Ivey, Louise Ivey, Marlon Wootten, Henry Guthrey, Joyce Walton, Elder J.L. Hopper, Hazel Brothers, Chita Blakeley, Richard Mauldin, Ed Thacker, Margaret Thacker, Nate Green, Norma Green, Ozella Blackmon, Juanita Beasley, Pat Temple, Mary Wright, Boyd Scott, Buell Cobb, Betty Shephard, Philip Denney, Claudine Townson, Cleva Dell Blevins, and Bonita Wootten. David Ivey was asked to sing for the sick and shut-ins and led 34t. Hayden Wootten offered a prayer for the ones who were being honored and remembered.

Leaders: Pam Nunn 556 (in memory of Jeff Sheppard and those lost on 9-11); Elene Stovall 500; David Saylors and Shane Wootten 183; Reba Windom and Shelby Castillo 216; Jesse Karlsberg 428; Joyce Morton 155; Sara Wootten 209; Terry Wootten 240; Tony Ivey 496; Jeannette Graves 572 (CB); Cassie Allen and Rachel Mann 40, 442; Linda Thomas and Jenny Mann 472; Jenny Mann 198; Jayden Hunt and Scott Ivey 317; Chelsey Wootten and Lori Wootten 88t; Sandy Ivey and Dixie Carter 421; Donna Wootten 335 (in memory of Eloise Wootten); Cindy Tanner, Cassie Allen, Ainslie Allen, and Wanda Capps 498.

A business session was held to hear the committee reports. The Secretary reported that approximately half of the expenses were paid with the donations. The remainder will be paid with the reserve funds of The United Convention. The Arranging Committee reported that there were one hundred forty-four songs, with leaders from three states and two countries. The Location Committee announced that the 118th session of The United Sacred Harp Musical Association will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, with the exact location to be announced at a later date. The Resolutions Committee resolved to thank God for the gift of gathering together again after three years as well as His protection and loving kindness sustaining us through uncertain times. As Shane said, this convention plays a part in strengthening and connecting families, churches, and communities in love and fellowship. We thank Antioch Baptist Church and the generations of the Wootten family singers. We thank the community for hosting this convention, their service and time, and all of the wonderful food. We resolve to meet again next year in Nashville for the 118th session of The United Sacred Harp Musical Association. All reports were approved, and the business session was closed.

Announcements were made. Rod Ivey led 465 (CB) (in memory of Coy Ivey). The officers led 146 as the closing song. Shane Brown gave the closing prayer.

Chairman—Marty Wootten; Vice Chairman—Jamie Wootten; Secretary—Pam Nunn