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Mississippi State Convention

Antioch Primitive Baptist Church, Forest, Mississippi

August 27-28, 2022

Saturday, August 27

The 91st session of the Mississippi State Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order by Mark Davis leading 37b. Mark welcomed everyone to the convention. Luke Addison offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Mark Davis 274t, 74b; Darlene Reynolds 484 (CB), 131b (CB); Charity Vaughn 335 (CH), 82t (CH); Luke Addison 147t, 503; Robert Vaughn 142, 67; Chris Nicholson 34b, 32t; Regina Derstine 151 (CH), 191 (CH); Todd Derstine 16 (CH).


Robert Vaughn brought the class back to order leading 154b (CB) and 505 (CB). Leaders: Sonja Kirkham 504t (CB), 40 (CB); Margaret Edy 463 (CB), 451 (CB); Kim Vaughn 146 (CB), 558 (CB); Luke Addison 148 (CB), 543 (CB); Robert Vaughn 369 (CB). Luke Addison said a prayer to bless the food.


Robert Vaughn brought the class together leading 507b (CB) for Esther Mann. Leaders: Haisley Perkins and Robert Vaughn 45t (CB); Lisa Geist 472, 527; Chris Nicholson 145b, 473; Nicholas Thompson 514 (CB), 464 (CB); Regina Derstine 200, 335; Amber Davis 276, 391; Todd Derstine 229, 58; Darlene Reynolds 490, 454; Sonja Kirkham 111b (CH), 189 (CH).

A business meeting was held at 2:00 p.m. for the election of officers as follows: President—Mark Davis; Vice President—Drew McGuire; Secretary/Treasurer—Darlene Reynolds; Chaplain—Arlon Gardner. The following committees were appointed: Business and Credentials—Nicholas Thompson, Chris Nicholson, and Henry McGuire; Memorial Committee—Chris Nicholson and Sonja Kirkham; Resolutions Committee—Amber Davis and Lisa Geist.


Leaders: Robert Vaughn 512 (WB); Margaret Edy 500 (CB), 72 (CB); Lisa Geist 137 (CB), 559 (CB); Charity Vaughn 491, 122; Nicholas Thompson 192, 80b; Robert Vaughn 171; Nicholas Thompson 168 (for Luke Addison). Announcements were made.

Robert Vaughn and Darlene Reynolds led The Drone as the closing song. Robert Vaughn offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, August 28

The Sunday session of the Mississippi State Convention was called to order by Mark Davis leading 30t and 169. Chris Nicholson opened the service with prayer.

Leaders: Mark Davis 111t; Chris Nicholson 264t (CB), 264b (CB), 47t (CB); Sonja Kirkham 54t (CB), 99 (CB), 208 (CB); Regina Derstine and Todd Derstine 138t (CB), 148 (CB), 38t (CB); Will McGuire 181, 300, 389.


Leaders: Mark Davis 297; Darlene Reynolds 486t (WB), 511 (WB); Charlie McGuire 64 (CB), 302 (CB), 399 (CB); Haisley Perkins and Nicholas Thompson 78b (CH), 131 (CH), 64 (CH); Charity Vaughn and Chris Nicholson 340, 212, 341.

The memorial lesson was held at this time. Sonja Kirkham spoke and read the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Freda Bailey, Alfred Bailey, Leon Ballinger, Warren Steel, Peggy Ray, Bruce Ray, Ozella Blackmon, Jerry Kitchens, Arlon Gardner, Peth Gardner, Juanita Beasley, John Hollingsworth, Elsie Hollingsworth, and J.L. Hopper. Sonja led 143.

Chris Nicholson spoke in memory of the deceased, and read the following list of names: Joan Aldridge, Renae Makris, Dick Nail, Jayne Fulmer—Alabama; Rebecca Over—United Kingdom; Sue Bunch—Florida; Ted Mercer—Illinois; Landis Powell, David Rousseau, Ruby Morris, Leo Stanley, and Mary Stanley—Texas; John Blake—Louisiana. Mark Davis closed the memorial service with prayer.


Mark Davis brought the class back to order leading 29t. Leaders: Nicholas Thompson 168b (CH), 364 (CH), 365 (CH); Amber Davis 166, 224, 203; Lisa Geist 528, 272, 215; Regina Derstine 426t, 480, 40 (for Esther Mann); Henry McGuire 287 (CH), 91 (CH), 16 (CH).

The Business and Credentials Committee gave their report. The church received $300 and $100 was sent to WCPC radio station in Houston, MS, for the Sacred Harp Hour every Sunday morning.

The Resolutions Committee gave their report as follows: We thank God for His many blessings on us this weekend; we thank the members of Antioch Primitive Baptist Church for hosting the convention; we thank all who brought food and contributed in any way to the convention; and thanks to the singers that traveled to our singing. We resolve to meet here again in 2023 on the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in August. Announcements were made.

Mark Davis and Henry McGuire led the Drone as the closing song. Chris Nicholson offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

President—Mark Davis; Vice President—Drew McGuire; Secretary—Darlene Reynolds