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Solomon Ossa Memorial Singing

The Evergreen State College Organic Farmhouse,
Olympia, Washington

Saturday, August 6, 2022

The Solomon Ossa Memorial Singing was held in The Evergreen State College’s Organic Farmhouse on August 6, 2022. Kate Fortin called the class to order leading 81t. Bob Schinske offered the morning prayer. During this singing, singers were encouraged to share short stories about Solomon during their lessons, and most took the opportunity.

The following officers and committee members served for the day: Chairman—Kate Fortin; Secretary—Ian Suchon; Treasurer—Jennifer Cariaso; Arranging Committee—Marla Elliott; Chaplain—Bob Schinske; Kitchen/Beverage—Jesse Partridge and Susan Fortin; Greeting Table—Miranda Elliott Rader and Jenna Tompkins; Keyers—Erik Schwab, Thom Fahrbach, and Kevin Barrans.

Leaders: Jenna Tompkins 30t; Ian Suchon 312b, 163t; Miranda Elliott-Rader 31t; Betsy Jeronen 499, 31t; Peter Schinske 217, 348t; Kate Fortin 38b, 39t; Nick Taylor 344, 117.


Emily Greenhalgh called the class back to order leading 48t. Leaders: Marla Elliott 56b; Kate Fine 49b, 111b; Karen Willard 278b, 541; Jonathan and Micah Levy-Wollins 300, 448t; Erik Schwab 52b, 320; Juli Kelen and Jesse Partridge 178.


Marla Elliott called the class back to order leading 25.

The memorial lesson began. Speeches were given by Daniel Timothy Sorenson, Thomas Laird, Monika Max Sovine, Dani Lindsay Buck, Mandy Beckwith. Solomon’s sister, Nichole Ossa, introduced his brother Gabe Ossa, his mother Myriam Ossa, his sister Monique Ossa, and his sister Asha Ossa, who all told loving stories of Solomon’s life and his love of music.

Marla Elliott, Kate Fortin, Nichole Ossa, Asha Ossa, Gabe Ossa, Monique Ossa, Justin Hatton, and Myriam Ossa concluded the memorial lesson leading 302. Bob Schinske offered the noon blessing.


Ian Suchon called the class back to order leading 434. Leaders: Thom Fahrbach 310, 374; Carrie Walker and Kathy Vlach 282; Gillian Inksetter 27, 101b; William Price 324; Kevin Barrans 123t, 340; Kate Coxon 500; Peter Schinske 269; Anne Huckins 331b, 126; Bob Schinske 436, 187; Emily Greenhalgh 47t.


Nancy Price called the class back to order leading 105. Leaders: Kristopher Illex 385 (t? b?), 114; Matthew Porter 106; Dorothy Robinson 379, 378b; Doug Hill 66, 77t; Adrionna Fey 159.

In a business meeting, the Secretary announced there were fifty-four registered attendees from four states and one Canadian province, twenty-nine leaders, and fifty songs led. The Treasurer announced that necessary expenses were met. The business meeting was closed. Announcements were made.

Kate Fortin led 267 as the closing song. Bob Schinske offered the closing prayer, and the singing was adjourned.

Chairman—Kate Fortin; Secretary—Ian Suchon