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Mt. Zion Memorial Singing

Mt. Zion, Georgia

Sunday, July 24, 2022

The 128th session of the Mt. Zion Memorial Sacred Harp singing was held at Mt. Zion Methodist Church on the fourth Sunday in July. Nathan Rees called the class to order leading 31t. Oscar McGuire offered the morning prayer.

In a business session the following officers were elected: Chairman—Nathan Rees; Vice Chairman—Jonathon Smith; Secretary—Judy Chambless. Nathan Rees welcomed the singers and visitors explaining that the singing was dedicated in the memory of Rebecca Over, our beloved singer and friend from the UK who met an untimely death. The singers were invited to share memories of Rebecca with the class. Leaders: Nathan Rees 47t; Jonathon Smith 82t, 144; Oscar McGuire 34b; Glenda Collins 32t, 99; Helen Bryson 227, 313b; Philip Denney 448t, 129; John Plunkett 81t, 155 (in memory of Tom Hanson and Charlene Wallace); Sheri Taylor and Riley Webb 46, 401; Robert Chambless 420, 225t.


Nathan Rees brought the class back to order leading 49b. Karen Rollins gave a memorial lesson honoring Rebecca Over and presented the Sacred Harp Publishing Company plaque in honor of Rebecca Over’s dedicated service to the Sacred Harp singing community. The plaque was given to Winfred Kerr, a life-long singer and devoted friend of Rebecca. The plaque will be placed with Rebecca’s papers at the Sacred Harp museum at the time of Winfred’s death.

Leaders: Samuel Williams 321, 283; Amber Davis 373, 436; Winfred Kerr 36b, 282; Lisa Bennett 143, 562; Karen Rollins 345b; Karen Rollins and Philip Denney 87; Bill Dupre 162, 503; Cecil Roberts 75, 399 (t? b?); Laura Frey 47b, 163b.


Jonathon Smith brought the class back to order leading 31b. Leaders: David Smead 306, 395; Daniel Williams 406, 42; Bert Collins 35, 335; Bill Dupre 146; Lisa Bennett 97; Winfred Kerr 314; Glenda Collins 66; Karen Rollins 354t; Robert Chambless 73b; David Smead 144; Oscar McGuire 573; Amber Davis 288; Daniel Williams 317; Jonathon Smith 371; Bert Collins 142; John Plunkett 284 (in memory of Earlis McGraw}; Samuel Williams 286.

After announcements, Nathan Rees, Cecil Roberts, and Jonathon Smith led 323t as the closing song. Philip Denney offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Nathan Rees; Vice Chairman—Jonathon Smith; Secretary—Judy Chambless