Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Scotland Singing

Polwarth Parish Church, Edinburgh, Scotland

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Around thirty singers gathered from wide and far: from many places around Scotland, such as Stirling, Paisley, Fife, Bearsden, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cupar, but also from England, Germany, Norway, and Australia. The day was sunny, followed by a canal boat ride on Sunday where we sang a few more songs and enjoyed glorious sunshine.

The class was called to order at 10:30 a.m. by Jan Geerts leading 354t. A prayer was offered by George Simms.

Leaders: Anne Altringham 171; Susannah Gill 276; Viv Imrie-O’Duffy 452; Calum Parker 472; Phil Tyler 48b; Ruth Holman 63; George Simms 31b; Jacoba Bruneel 29t; Claire Welford 88b; Joel Wallenberg 458; Inga Huebner 97; Jessica Beer 384; Derek Buckland 268; Marielle Minutella 504; Sam Carter 187; Anne Altringham 48t.


Jan Geerts called the class back together leading 100. Leaders: Susannah Gill 59; Calum Parker 30t; Viv Imrie-O’Duffy 148; Joel Wallenberg 149; Jacoba Bruneel 106; Ruth Holman 208; Marielle Minutella 524; Jessica Beer 105; George Simms 436; Derek Buckland 40; Sam Carter 73t; Phil Tyler 151.

Deedee Cuddihy conducted the memorial lesson and the sick and housebound lesson. The following names of the deceased were read aloud: Joan Aldridge—Alabama; Betty James—Newport; Rüdiger Forster—Bremen; John Bones—Wokingham; Casimir Key—Paris; Joe Murray—Galway; Adrienne Coutts—Liverpool.

The following names of the sick and housebound were read aloud: Pat Bell, Cath Tyler, David Elliott, and Kate Coxon. She led 503 in their honor.

Leaders: Claire Welford 454; Inga Huebner 47b; Anne Altringham 212; Calum Parker 481; Viv Imrie-O’Duffy 107; Jan Geerts 236; Susannah Gill 189.


Ruth Holman called the class together leading 335. Leaders: Joel Wallenberg 272; Jessica Beer 383; Jacoba Bruneel 296; Naomi Russell 31t; Phil Tyler 269; Inga Huebner 288; Marielle Minutella 361; George Simms 266; Rosa Michaelson 117; Margaret Bradshaw 300; Derek Buckland and Inga Huebner 313b (after Derek got on his knee and proposed to Inga who said yes and there may have been a twinkle in all of our eyes); Sam Carter 475; Claire Welford 217; Steven Lyons 378t; Ruth Holman 417; Calum Parker 344; Marielle Minutella 82t; Anne Altringham 546.


Susannah Gill called the class together leading 480. Leaders: Jan Geerts 36b; Margaret Bradshaw 440; Jacoba Bruneel 373; Viv Imrie-O’Duffy 122; Jessica Beer 34t; Joel Wallenberg 227; Inga Huebner 512; Claire Welford 448t; Sam Carter 566; Derek Buckland 29b; Phil Tyler 573; Steven Lyons 119; George Simms 331; Calum Parker 228. Announcements were made.

Jan Geerts led 540. Jessica Beer offered closing thoughts. The class was dismissed.

Chairman—Jan Geerts; Vice Chairman—Anne Altringham; Secretary—Calum Parker