Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Vermont Sacred Harp Singing

Button Bay State Park Pavilion, Ferrisburgh, Vermont

Sunday, June 19, 2022

The 40th annual Vermont All-Day Singing was held on the third Sunday in June. David Rosenberg called the class to order at 1:00 p.m. by leading 49t. Dan Hertzler offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Susan Smiley 47t; Larry Bingham 82t; Pete Sutherland 48b; Kerry Cullinan 27; Joan Nagy 523; Molly Dorman 34b; Dan Hertzler 67; Sarah Maika 37b; Porter Lontz-Underhill 68b; Thomas Evers 501; Meredith Brown 344; Ron Trial 528; Anya Skibbie 340; Sinead O’Mahoney 178; Colleen Hayes 216; Nicandra Galper 171; Robert Stoddard 196; George Sigut 448t; Jonathan Spencer 260; Phillippe Doyle-Spencer 129; Mark Williams 299.


Owen Stoddard called the class to order by leading 81t. Leaders: Anna Mays 426b; Dani Tardiff 69t; Sunny Doyle 294; Elizabeth Stoddard 422; Stina Soderling 480; Elea Regembal 86; Anne Evers 290; Charles Biada 191; Mary Skidmore 192; Esther Wade 71t; Nancy Kilgore 143; Jean Rosenberg 55; Dan Coppock 362; Gwen Gethner 333; Leonore Tjia 504; Tristan Gorden 29t; Rachel Farber 101t; Eric Sandberg 430; Scott Luscombe 481; George Howe 312b; Sue Dwelle 503; Rachel Field 278t.


Patty Heather-Lea called the class to order by leading 40. Leaders: Sarah Maika 198; Thomas Evers 496; Ron Trial 474; Porter Lontz-Underhill 276; Lynette Combs 236; Anya Skibbie 573; George Sigut 107; Laurel Dempsey 122; Jonathan Spencer 245.

Marsha Camp conducted the memorial lesson. David Rosenberg led 347 in memory of the following: Elke Schumann, Larry Gordon, Tony Barrand, Leonard Spencer, Erica Brinton, Richard Bingham, Janet Bessmer, Carole Paquette, Lilla Willey, and Barbara Wojik—Vermont; Ronnie Troxtell—Kentucky; Susan Bingham—New Jersey; Ashley Dwelle-Jensen and David Quimby—New Hampshire; Aubrey Premo—Connecticut; Edward Howe—Mississippi; Ken Muir and Peter Golden—Maine; Merv Horst—New York; Denis Gosselin and Real Tardif—Canada; Genevieve Yeuillaz—France.

Leaders: Elizabeth Stoddard 201; Phillippe Doyle-Gosselin 189; Robert Stoddard 228; Meredith Browne 300; Matt Wojcik 455; Stina Soderling 112; Owen Stoddard 269.


Elizabeth Oettinger called the class to order by leading 159. Leaders: Sarah Sandberg 569t; Sunny Doyle 65; Rachael Keith 146; Sinead O’Malley 31t; Eric Sandberg 497; Mary Skidmore 542; Dani Tardif 326; Charles Biada 377; Esther Wade 444; Gwen Gethner 133; Anne Evers 284; Rachel Farber 558; Tristan Gordon 73t; Elea Regembal 131t; Colleen Hayes 348b; David Highlander and Kerry Cullinan 569b; Robin Betz and Elizabeth Stoddard 180; Rachel Field 270.

A business meeting was held to hear reports. The Treasurer, Jean Rosenberg, reported that all expenses were met. The Secretary reported that one hundred forty-five singers registered from thirteen US states and two Canadian provinces. (CA, CT, FL, HI, ME, MA, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT, VA, QC, Ont.). Fifty-nine leaders led eighty-three songs. The chairman offered a resolution to thank the all-day volunteers and to convene the 41st Vermont All-Day tol be held in Burlington, Vermont with exact date and time to be determined. The resolution was seconded and passed. Steve Mease provided over 100 photos and one video of our singing. They are available at: https: //flic. kr/s/aHBqjzUWGb. They may be shared, downloaded, and used on a website or social media. Please credit: Stephen Mease Photography—@smeasevt.

David Rosenberg led 62 as the closing song. He offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed at 6:00 p.m.

Chairman—David Rosenberg; Secretary—Marsha Camp; Treasurer—Jean Rosenberg