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Winchester Singing

St. Paul’s Church Hall Courtyard, Winchester, United Kingdom

Saturday, August 8, 2020

The Winchester All-Day Singing was called to order by Nigel Bowley leading 33b. Nigel Bowley offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Jac Gehring 49b; Neil Horlock 65; Michelle Rice 201; Brenda Harvey 29t; Rebecca Over 314 (for Winfred Kerr); Sam Horlock 299; Nigel Bowley 39b; Jac Gehring and Nate Gehring 117; Neil Horlock 410t; Michelle Rice 421; Brenda Harvey 147 (t? b?); Rebecca Over 102; Sam Horlock 155; Nigel Bowley 49t; Neil Horlock 72b; Michelle Rice 39t; Werner Ullah 29b; Brenda Harvey 497 (for Caro Stamm-Reusch); Jac Gehring and Bella Gehring 146; Rebecca Over 283; Sam Horlock 276; Werner Ullah 47b.


Brenda Harvey called the class back to order by leading 159. Leaders: Nigel Bowley 45t; Neil Horlock 504; Michelle Rice 178; Werner Ullah 503; Brenda Harvey 209 (for Diane Heywood); Jac Gehring 122; Rebecca Over 268 (for Chris McGraw); John Carty 457; Sam Horlock 52b.

Rebecca Over then spoke for the sick and the many singers shut-in by the current pandemic and read the following names: Judy Henry, Ricky McGraw, Barry Rollins, Susan Rice, and Len Vanderjagt. She then spoke for the following deceased: Charlene Wallace, Bentley McGuire, Richard DeLong, Irene Kerr Snow—Georgia; Mark Hyatt, Ottis Sides, Margaret Spurlock, William Napier, Velton Chafin, Bill Windom, Jewel Wootten—Alabama; Aubrey Barfield—Florida; Sonny Erwin—Texas; Bill Beverly—Michigan; Jack Nathan, Terry Banford, Tony Kane, Pete Gillard—UK; Roberto Cavallar, Irene Antolini, Riccarda Zamboni—Italy. She then led 70t in their memory and offered prayer.

Leaders: Nigel Bowley 56b; Neil Horlock 40; Michelle Rice 114; Brenda Harvey 217 (for Sheila and Edwin Macadam); Jac Gehring 569b; Rebecca Over 500; John Carty 32t; Sam Horlock 501. Brenda Harvey asked a blessing on the noon meal.


Neil Horlock called the class back to order leading 107. Leaders: Michelle Rice 47t; Werner Ullah 73b; Brenda Harvey 277 (for Kathryn Wheelan); Jac Gehring 528 (for Aldo Ceresa); Rebecca Over 216 (for Reba Dell Windom and in memory of Bill Windom); John Carty 103; Sam Horlock 99; Nigel Bowley 84 (for Jenny Pett); Neil Horlock 324; Michelle Rice 313b; Werner Ullah 278t; Brenda Harvey 472; Jac Gehring and Nate Gehring 455; Rebecca Over 460 (in memory of Jewel Wootten); John Carty 48b; Sam Horlock 223; Rebecca Over 77t; Michelle Rice 101b; Jac Gehring 344. Brenda Harvey led 347 as the closing song. Werner Ullah offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Nigel Bowley; Vice Chairman and Secretary—Brenda Harvey