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Sussex Shape Note Singing

Staplefield Village Hall, Near Crawley, Sussex, United Kingdom

Saturday, March 14, 2020

The 22nd annual Sussex Shape Note singing was held in Staplefield Village Hall using The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition. The class was called to order by Jill Thompson leading 276. Leaders: Seth Dickens 37b; Anne Altringham 313b; Ian Lamb 38t; Nick Hall 73b; Ron Hollman 66; George Simms 34b; Robin Bisson 312b; Iain Paxon 36b; Tom Gerber 284; Una Nicholson 314; Steve Biggs 228; Jill Thompson 178; Seth Dickens 183; Anne Altringham 440; Ian Lamb 335; Nick Hall 475; George Simms 538; Ron Hollman 542; Robin Bisson 492; Iain Paxon 222; Tom Gerber 108b; Una Nicholson 217; Steve Biggs 49b.


Jill Thompson called the class to order leading 99. Leaders: Seth Dickens 315; Anne Altringham 114; Ian Lamb 510; Nick Hall 474; Ron Hollman 385b; George Simms 547; Robin Bisson 546; Iain Paxon 344; Tom Gerber 448t; Una Nicholson 56t; Steve Biggs 503; Jill Thompson 504; Seth Dickens 365; Anne Altringham 142; Ian Lamb 481; Nick Hall 410t; Ron Hollman 360; George Simms 378t; Robin Bisson 128.


Jill Thompson called the class to order leading 299. Leaders: Iain Paxon 163t; Tom Gerber 148; Una Nicholson 182; Steve Biggs 497; Anne Altringham 270; Nick Hall 454; Ian Lamb 70t.

Ian Lamb conducted a combined memorial and sick and housebound lesson, and led 452. The following deceased were remembered: Sandra Goddard—Lewes; Marion Seamer—Brighton; Dave Cooper—Norfolk; Dyk Jewell and Roger Giles—New Zealand; John Bacon—Sussex; Faun King—Bromley; Prapto Saryadarma—Java; Vivienne Roland—London; Alan Whitbread—Midlands.

The sick and housebound were Rachel Jordan, Sheridan James, Pina Piscazio, Sara Diego, Asia Dorigati, all of whom are locked down in Italy, and all those self-isolating in Brighton. The remembrance was closed.

Leaders: Seth Dickens 330b; George Simms 425; Ron Hollman 442; Robin Bisson 260; Iain Paxon 535; Gail Walker 63; Tom Gerber 47b; Una Nicholson 198; Steve Biggs 163b; Jill Thompson 267.


Nick Hall called the class to order leading 455. Leaders: Ian Lamb 209; Anne Altringham 84; Seth Dickens 77t; Ron Hollman 361; Iain Paxon 441; Steve Biggs 45t; Gail Walker 49t; Una Nicholson 208; Jill Thompson 347.

The secretary reported that twenty had attended and seventy-four songs had been sung. Thanks were extended and announcements made. The 23rd Sussex Shape Note Singing will be held on Saturday, 13th March, 2021. Robin Bisson led 354t as the closing song, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Jill Thompson; Secretary—Ron Hollman