Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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University of West Georgia

Carrollton, Georgia

Sunday, February 16, 2020

The annual Sacred Harp singing at the University of West Georgia, Food Services Building (Z-6), on the third Sunday in February was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Nathan Rees leading 48t. Philip Denney offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Nathan Rees 100; Philip Denney 448b (for Pearl Guier), 535; David Brodeur 32b, 459; Glenda Collins 35, 124; David Smead 435, 322; Winfred Kerr 549, 282 (for his father, Henry Kerr); Denney Rogers, Karen Rollins, and Sherry Lovvorn 97, 143 (in memory of their mother, Vivian Rogers), 373; Barbara Brooks 32t, 34b; Andy Ditzler and Peg Dunn 81t, 59; Ann Wheeler and Lisa Bennett 147t, 163b; Meredith Turner 36t, 53; Henry Johnson 70b, 539.


The class was called back to order by Nathan Rees leading 166. A business session was held, and the class approved the continuation of the same officers as follows: Chairman—Nathan Rees; Vice Chairman—Philip Denney; Secretary—David Brodeur.

Leaders: Cecil Roberts 58 (dedicated with a prayer for Barry Rollins), 37b; Wyatt Denney 39t, 383; Richard DeLong 317, 154; Bert Collins 155, 142; Beth Hagues 178, 268; Sherry Lovvorn 405, 454 (in memory of her grandfather, Newman Denney); Phillip Langley 460, 318; Gayle Denney and Philip Denney 448t, 384 (for Coy Ivey); Lela Crowder 217; Lela Crowder and Phillip Langley 299 (in memory of Charlene Wallace); Donna Duke and Gene Duke 146, 314; Oscar McGuire 327, 336. Jim Neal offered grace before the meal.


The class was called back to order by Nathan Rees leading 127. Leaders: Lisa Bennett 77b (in memory of Charlene Wallace), 109; Fred Eady and two visitors 192, 236; Gillian Inksetter 30b (for her mother), 392; John Plunkett 513; Amber Davis 300, 224; Jim Neal 345b, 374; Michael Spencer 382, 289; Tim Gregg 26, 321; Gillian Inksetter 428; David Brodeur 483; Henry Johnson 231; David Smead 271t; Amber Davis 98; Oscar McGuire 229; Karis Askin 411; Meredith Turner 84; Tim Gregg 423. Announcements were made. The class agreed to donate the balance of today’s collection after expenses to the Art Department at University of West Georgia.

Nathan Rees, Philip Denney, and David Brodeur led 323t as the closing song. Philip Denney offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Nathan Rees; Vice Chairman—Philip Denney; Secretary—David Brodeur