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Uncle Jack Kerr and Henry Kerr Memorial

Camp Ground Methodist Church,
North of Fruithurst, Cleburne County, Alabama

Sunday, January 12, 2020

The Uncle Jack Kerr and Henry Kerr Memorial Sacred Harp singing was held on the second Sunday in January at Camp Ground Methodist Church, north of Fruithurst, Cleburne County, Alabama. Henry Kerr’s son, Winfred Kerr welcomed everyone in attendance and then stated that he could remember the house being full of Kerrs, but only one was here at the moment. Winfred led 59. Philip Denney offered the opening prayer. Winfred Kerr led 225t.

Leaders: Donna Bell 155 (in memory of Robby Rivers, Charlene Wallace, Hugh McGraw, Earlis McGraw, Carlene Griffin, Ruth Daniel, and Evelyn Harris), 102; Judy Chambless 34t, 34b; Bert Collins 35, 335; David Smead 319, 179; Rene Greene 36b, 40; John Plunkett 50b, 354t; Virginia Dyer 354b, 112; Philip Denney 100, 99; Jerusha Wheeler 348t, 108b.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Winfred Kerr; Vice Chairman—Cecil Roberts; Secretary—Donna Bell; Arranging Officer—Lisa Bennett.

Leaders: Cecil Roberts 30t, 31t; Amber Davis 204, 208.


Winfred Kerr brought the class back to order leading 65. Leaders: Meredith Turner 36t, 312b; Henry Johnson 127, 138t; Barbara Brooks 457, 303; Oscar McGuire 229, 515; Glenda Collins 81t, 101t; Gary Davis and Karen Flagg 565, 47b; Fallon Dyer 146, 192 (for Chance Cook); Robert Chambless 32t, 494; Jack Nelson 426t, 426b. Ed Thacker offered the blessing of the noon meal.


The class resumed singing with Cecil Roberts leading 37b (in memory of James Kerr). Leaders: Isaac Green 493, 381; Karen Rollins 162 (in memory of Amanda Denson Brady), 39b; Margaret Thacker 108t, 503.

Winfred Kerr conducted the memorial lesson. He stated that he remembered sitting by the fire singing Sacred Harp at night when he was growing up. Winfred stated that his dad, Henry had seventeen brothers and sisters. All are deceased. Uncle Jack and Ellen Kerr had eleven children. Most recently Uncle Jack’s daughter, Irene Kerr Snow, age =102, passed away in August, 2019. His daughter, Lois Kerr Bowman, age =101 (t? b?), was listening via granddaughter, Sarah Roberts’s cell phone. Winfred and Sarah were the only Kerr family members in attendance this year. Winfred led 282 in memory of the Kerr family.

Leaders: Ed Thacker 433, 500 (in memory of Hugh McGraw, Charlene Wallace, Earlis McGraw, and all singers from Holly Springs); Lisa Bennett 460, 466; Glenda Collins and Bert Collins 454; Jerusha Wheeler 87; Henry Johnson 418. The class offered a special prayer request for Margaret Thacker’s upcoming back surgery to be conducted on February 4th.

Leaders: Oscar McGuire and Cecil Roberts 56t; Isaac Green and Amber Davis 422; Fallon Dyer 77t, 235; Jack Nelson 318 (in memory of his sister, Betty Culver); Meredith Turner 159.

Announcements were made. It was asked to be noted in the minutes that the start time for the singing is to be 9:30 a.m. Winfred Kerr led 77b (in memory of Charlene Wallace). Philip Denney offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Winfred Kerr; Vice Chairman—Cecil Roberts; Secretary—Donna Bell