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Chicago Anniversary Singing

Kilbourn Park, Chicago, Illinois

Sunday, January 12, 2020

The 35th annual Chicago Anniversary Singing was held at Kilbourn Park, Chicago, Illinois, on the second Sunday in January. Anne Heider and Steve Warner called the class to order at 10:00 a.m. leading 34b. Jim Swanson offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Mary Rogel 523; Rochelle Lodder 276; Randy Neufeld 29t; Jerry Gripshover 538; Peter B. Irvine 128; Carol Ann Munro 192; Anne Missavage 217; Lindsay Kruse 129; Spencer Arrowood 481.

A business meeting was held to elect and appoint the following officers and committee members: Chairman—Matthew Siefert; Vice Chairman—Eileen Ferguson; Finance Committee—Randy Neufeld; Arranging Committee—Jim Swanson; Chaplains—Jim Swanson and Noah Feeman; Secretary—Mary Rogel.

Leaders: Matthew Siefert 135; Doug Stapleton 95; Samuel Sommers 546; Jim Helke 273; Hannah Lutz 168; John Seaton 47t (in memory of Dale Turner); Dan Hunter 368; Susan Geil 474; Bill Waddington 430; Eileen Ferguson 472; Cecelia Kramer 328; Ted Johnson 89.


Anne Missavage called the class to order leading 106. Leaders: Megan Dunning 76b; Katy Hunter 475; Michael Mosley 197; Bob Borcherding 300; Terry Cunningham 200; Marcia Johnson 218; Marian Mitchell 41; Judy Hauff 536; Dan Nickel 34t; Noah Feeman 540; Ben Zucker 48t; Jim Swanson 488; Luke Patterson 122; Anne Heider 454; Mary Rogel 223; Rochelle Lodder 344; Steve Warner 84.


Jerry Gripshover called the class to order leading 28b. Leaders: Samuel Sommers 512; Carol Ann Munro 455; Peter B. Irvine 350.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Lindsay Kruse, who led 67 for the following sick and shut-ins: Melanie Hauff, Len VanderJagt, Steve O’Leary, Johanna Fabke, Edna Pauly, and Ted Mercer. She led 146 in memory of the following deceased: Michael Appert, Dale Turner, and Frank Plesha—Illinois; Cathy Barton Para—Maryland; Norma Mincey, Brittany Homs, and Charlene Wallace—Georgia; Jean Kruse—Wisconsin. Jim Swanson offered a memorial prayer, and Noah Feeman led the mourner’s Kaddish in Hebrew.

Leaders: Eileen Ferguson 503; Randy Neufeld 485; Spencer Arrowood 278t; Dan Hunter 360. Jim Swanson offered grace before the noon meal.


Marian Mitchell brought the class back to order leading 155. Leaders: Jim Helke 196; Hannah Lutz 209; Lisa Grayson 547; Bill Waddington 36b; John Seaton 38t; Cecelia Kramer 71; Ted Johnson 142; Bob Borcherding 480; Dan Hunter 108b; Marcia Johnson 163t; Judy Hauff 411; Randy Neufeld 270; Luke Patterson 31t; Katy Hunter 542; Matthew Siefert 133; Mark Dawson 299; Anne Missavage 157.


Steve Warner called the class to order leading 40. Leaders: Doug Stapleton 440; Lisa Grayson 528; Michael Mosley 318; Noah Feeman 113; Terry Cunningham 148; Megan Dunning 473; Susan Geil 565; Ben Zucker 225b; Dan Nickel 448t; Samuel Sommers 24b; Lindsay Kruse 297; Jim Swanson 399b; Anne Heider 361; Marian Mitchell 180; Spencer Arrowood 107.

During the Founders Lesson, Marcia Johnson spoke briefly on the beginning of Sacred Harp singing in Chicago in 1983. Marcia Johnson, Ted Johnson, Judy Hauff, and Terry Cunningham led 504 (composed by Judy Hauff). All four songs composed by Founders, and published in the Sacred Harp, were sung today.

Matthew Siefert thanked the many people who made this singing possible and opened the floor for announcements. Matthew and Eileen Ferguson led 347 as the class took the parting hand. Noah Feeman dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Matthew Siefert; Vice Chairman—Eileen Ferguson; Secretary—Mary Rogel