Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Northeast Kansas Singing

White Schoolhouse, Lawrence, Kansas

Saturday, November 16, 2019

The 5th annual singing at the White Schoolhouse was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Rhonda Machlan leading 217. Joe Casad offered the opening prayer. In lieu of a typical slate of officers, members of the Kaw Valley shape note community jointly organized the day’s events, led by Joe Casad, Becky Johnson, Paul Johnson, Evan Jorn, Brad Levy, Natalya Lowther, and Rhonda Machlan. Song selections were generally from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition and The Missouri Harmony.

Leaders: Joe Casad 155; Evan Jorn 282; Alanna Goodman 39t; Erin Fulton 426t (in memory of Charlene Wallace); Paul Johnson 49b; Ellen Holt 68b; Penny Kujawinski 142; Lou Kujawinski 38t; Sue Pearson 143; Charlotte Baldwin 56b; Rhonda Machlan 180 (MH); Wendy Hofmann 109 (MH); Joe Casad 377; Evan Jorn 358; Alanna Goodman 47b; Erin Fulton 50t.


Evan Jorn called the class back to order by leading 455. Leaders: Paul Johnson 148; Joe Douglas 497; Ellen Holt 146; Penny Kujawinski 440; Lou Kujawinski 216; Sue Pearson 475; Charlotte Baldwin 77t; Rhonda Machlan 335; Wendy Hofmann 89 (MH); Joe Casad 203; Evan Jorn 178; Alanna Goodman 42. Rhonda Machlan led 164 (MH), and said a blessing for the meal.


Erin Fulton called the class back to order by leading 477. Leaders: Paul Johnson 63; Joe Douglas 163t; Ellen Holt 277; Penny Kujawinski 447; Lou Kujawinski 350; David Yoe and Joe Casad 81t; Sue Pearson 66; Rhonda Machlan 127 (MH); Charlotte Baldwin 273; Wendy Hofmann 448t; Joe Casad 153; Evan Jorn 117; Alanna Goodman 430; Erin Fulton 516; Paul Johnson 84; Joe Douglas 547; Ellen Holt 163b; Joe Casad 159.


Evan Jorn called the class back to order by leading 114. Leaders: Penny Kujawinski 137 (CB); Lou Kujawinski 373; Sue Pearson 472; Rhonda Machlan 551; Charlotte Baldwin 290; Wendy Hofmann 481; Joe Casad 45t; Jim Krause and Evan Jorn 479.

Announcements were made. Twenty-three registered singers comprised the class along with a considerable number of unregistered singers. Those present represented the states of Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri, from among whom fifteen leaders led fifty-nine songs. Natalya Lowther offered the closing prayer. The class sang 62, took the parting hand, and was dismissed.

Secretaries—Natalya Lowther and Erin Fulton