Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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State Line Church

Cleburne County, Alabama

April 11, 1998

The annual Sacred Harp singing at State Line Church in Cleburne County, Alabama (just off highway 78 at the Georgia-Alabama state line) was held on Saturday before the second Sunday in April.

B. M. Smith called the class together leading song on page 59. The morning prayer was led by Mike Hawkins. Jeff Sheppard led song on page 97; Margie Smith 501; Mary Florence Smith 91; Shelbie Sheppard 183. Shelbie Sheppard welcomed everyone and introduced her aunt, Mary Noles, who is one of three children living from a family of 13 children of George and Ola Cates. Shelbie’s father, Walker, was one of the children.

The class was organized with the following officers elected or appointed: Chairman—B. M. Smith; Vice Chairman—Jeff Sheppard; Secretary—Mary Florence Smith; Arranging Committee—Margie Smith; Memorial Committee—Helen Bryson.

Leaders: Matt Wells 481; Carla Smith 35; Bob Meek 515b; Tony Singleton 99; Kit Pfau 29t; John Bayer 29b; Kathy Williams 38t; Keith Willard 278b; Midge Olsen 235; Pauline Childers 475; Jeff Bell 38b; Reba Windom 171; Jerry Enright 101t; Laura Densmore 163b; Jimmie Denney 40.


Jeff Sheppard called the class together leading song on page 37b. Leaders: Liz Bryant 542; Helen Bryson 522; Charles Franklin 68b; Jenny Willard 299; Lonnie Rogers 348b; Max Berueffy 542; Carolyn Deacy 270; Gordon Olsen 344; Lorena Moore 148; John Redman 358; Lou Cotney 172; Martha Henderson 454; Jimmy Cates 137; Milton Oliver and Coy Ivey 384; Kathy Wallace 47t; Jim Pfau 129; Bill Waddington 209; Jill Thompson 198; Bruce Rowland 551; Sherrell Durand 127.


The singing resumed with B. M. Smith leading song on page 64 for David Lee and Clarke Lee who were not able to be with us because of a death in the family. Leaders: Terry Wootten 201b; Michele Cull 300; Bobby Bailey 44t; Cassie Franklin and Regina Bayer 528 (for Judy Hauff, Melanie Hauff, and the singers from Chicago who are not able to be with us this year).

The memorial was given by Helen Bryson for the deceased and shut-ins. Helen spoke of how we live our memorial every day, and that Sacred Harp singers are special people and extended family. She said that many people do not understand why we travel far and near to attend a singing, but we love the fellowship of being together and sharing all the joys and sorrows of each family. Keith Willard led song on page 32t for the deceased, and Judy Mincey led song on page 50b for the sick and shut-ins. The memorial was closed with prayer by John Bayer.

The singing continued with the following leaders called: Kathy Lee 128; Pearl Guier 45t; Henry Schuman 318; Felton Denney 503; Mitzie Collins 277; Ted Mercer 202; Christine Stevens 36b; Ginnie Prater 269; Henry Johnson 288; Teenie Moody 365 (for Mozelle Sheppard and Jerry Sheppard); Louis Hughes 480; Cindy Franklin 368; Evelyn Harris 155; Roy Nelson 456; Louise Holland 144; Pam Nunn 200; Harvey Austin 335; Linda Thomas 391; Charlene Wallace 455; Everette Denney 161; Richard DeLong 399 (t? b?); Rene Greene 220; Laura Akerman 216; Don Bowen 282; B. M. Smith 376; Jeff Sheppard 218 (for Melanie Hauff, Judy Hauff, and the Chicago singers).

Announcements were made. Twelve states and England were represented with 70 leaders called. B. M. Smith and Jeff Sheppard led song on page 46 for the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by Louis Hughes.

Chairman—B. M. Smith; Vice Chairman—Jeff Sheppard; Secretary—Mary Florence Smith.