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Northwest Pennsylvania Sacred Harp Singing

First Universalist Church of Girard, Girard, Pennsylvania

Saturday, October 12, 2019

The annual Northwestern Pennsylvania Sacred Harp Singing was called to order by Gerry Hoffman leading 34b. Katie White offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were appointed to serve: Chairman—Gerry Hoffman; Vice Chairman—Brain How; Secretary—Lisa Joyce; Treasurer—Gerry Hoffman; Arranging—Laura Densmore; Chaplain—Katie White.

Leaders: Katie White 171; Lisa Joyce 479; Laura Densmore 313t; Brian How 86; Dave Witter 122; Laura Ann Russell 163t; Jan May 440; Andy Bell 49t; Ginny Landgraf 107; Michael Darby 168; Cecelia Kramer 39t; Dick Patterson 47b; Martha Beverly 377; Katie Reimers 147t; Guy Bankes 73b; Beth Todd 52t; Karl Dise 458.


Guy Bankes reconvened the class leading 486. Leaders: Lois Hurt 335; Barb Patterson 209; Marita Straffin “Walpole” (NbH 54); Bonnie Mitchell 84; Laura Densmore 549; Stephanie Phillips 236; Jan May 474; Katie White 547; Michael Darby 207; Lisa Joyce 282; Gerry Hoffman 68b; Dave Witter 38b; Martha Beverly 193.


Laura Ann Russell reconvened the class leading 32t. Leaders: Cecelia Kramer 81t; Dick Patterson 49b; Brian How 114.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Katie White, Jan May, and Bonnie Mitchell. Jan and Katie spoke for the sick and shut-ins and led 472 for the following: Pleasance Crawford, Dave Reimers, Rich Reimers, Dolores Mitchell, Len Vanderjagt; Claudene Wootten Townsend, Rachel White, Melanie Hauff, Paul Foster, Kelly Krugger, Enid Thomas, Judy Clum, Dave Clum, and Paula Mister.

Katie and Bonnie spoke for the deceased and led 146 in memory of the following: Jack Anderson, Marilyn Eichenlaub, David Frantz, Wayne G. Wylie—Pennsylvania; George Houghton, Jerrod Jacobsen, Mike Moran, Bill Steele—New York; Franklin Mitchell—Ohio; Eugene Forbes—Alabama; Paul Wilson—Minnesota; Concetta Branson—Oregon; Michael Appert—Illinois; Susan Roberts, Mildred Patterson—Georgia. The memorial lesson was closed with a prayer by Katie White.

Leaders: Ginny Landgraf 285t; Katie Reimers 155; Guy Bankes 351; Beth Todd 501; Laura Ann Russell 198. Katie White offered grace before the noon meal.


Barb Patterson reconvened the class leading 35. Leaders: Andy Bell 143 (for Judy Clum); Karl Dise 174; Lois Hurt 551; Dick Patterson 53; Stephanie Phillips 503; Gerry Hoffman 455; Bonnie Mitchell 178; Martha Beverly 189; Marita Straffin 504; Barb Patterson 300; Jan May 217; Laura Densmore 500; Ginny Landgraf 192; Guy Bankes 391; Beth Todd 284; Brian How 183; Katie White 182; Dave Witter 163b; Lisa Joyce 448b; Katie Reimers 277.


Gerry Hoffman reconvened the class leading 50t. Leaders: Michael Darby 200; Laura Ann Russell 564; Andy Bell 87; Brian How 268; Beth Todd 373; Dick Patterson 228; Bonnie Mitchell 65; Jan May 538; Barb Patterson 410b; Katie Reimers 31t; Ginny Landgraf 539; Guy Bankes 534; Karl Dise 550; Laura Densmore 475. The chairman expressed the gratitude of the class to all those who contributed to the success of the day. Announcements were made. Gerry Hoffman led 347 as the closing song. Katie White dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Gerry Hoffman; Vice Chairman—Brian How; Secretary—Lisa Joyce