Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Belton and Emma Beasley and Phillip Lee III Memorial Singing

Concord Primitive Baptist Church, Winfield, Alabama

Sunday, August 18, 2019

The 52nd annual session of the Belton and Emma Beasley and Phillip Lee III Memorial singing was held on the third Sunday in August. The class was called to order by Marlin Beasley leading 32t. Ricky Beasley offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Ricky Beasley; Vice Chairman—Marlin Beasley; Secretary—Nicholas Thompson; Arranging—Lisa Geist.

Leaders: Ricky Beasley 47t, 47b; Earl Ballinger 80b, 82t; Charlie McGuire 213t, 120; Nicholas Thompson 312t, 200; Buell Cobb 129, 288; Loretta Whitman 283, 373; Bentley Rose 282, 354b; Chris Ballinger 546, 339; Nancy Phillips 312b, 268; Cora Sweatt 111b, 49b; Richard Mauldin 446, 43.


Ricky Beasley led 30t to bring the class together. Leaders: Mike Hankins 527, 477; Sarah Beasley, Marlin Beasley, Cora Sweatt, Becky Briggs, Bunk Beasley, and Keefer Wilson 323b, 335; Darlene Reynolds 490, 218; Lisa Close 77t, 87; Warren Steel 74t, 313t; Betty Baccus, Sawyer Cooner, and Lillibeth Cooner 517 (WB), 76b; Ricky Beasley 185. Ricky Beasley asked a blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session began with Ricky Beasley leading 127. Leaders: Will McGuire 181, 275b; Larry Ballinger 540, 68b; Becky Briggs, Keefer Wilson, and Jessica Briggs 388, 285t; Glenn Keeton 385b, 141; Bunk Beasley 45t, 72b; Linda Booth 108t, 145t; Seth Holloway 159, 340, 236; Julie Poston 145b, 166; Henry McGuire 218, 92; Lena Keeton 88t; Lena Keeton and Richard Mauldin 146; Juanita Beasley 354b, 61; Lisa Geist 182, 492. Announcements were made.

Ricky Beasley led 62 as the closing song. Marlin Beasley offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Ricky Beasley; Vice Chairman—Marlin Beasley; Secretary—Nicholas Thompson