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Maine Singing

Old Town House, Union, Maine

Saturday, July 27, 2019

The 17th session of the Maine All-Day Singing took place on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in July. Eric Sandberg called the class to order leading 31b. Chris Holley offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Scott Harriman 47t; Sara Sandberg 569t; Jesse Flynn 49t; Rachel Taylor 40; Pleasance Crawford 468; Chris Holley 77t; Jesse Vear 82t; Bill Holt 87; Bobby Goodell 151; Kris Paprocki 100; Elizabeth Stoddard 171; Kerry Cullinan 510; Liz Cantrell 472; George Pomfret 66; Allison Paprocki 72b; Joan Frankel 284; George Sigut 47b; Joanne Fuller 196; Scott Luscombe 181; Emily Hancock 39t; Sue Peters 415.


The class was brought back to order by Peter Golden leading 445. Leaders: Ryan Nash 116; Dan Coppock 353; Mary Skidmore 500; William Schuller 272; Emma Swartz 312b; Erik-Darden Ymeraga 88t; Hayden Arp 434; Elsa Phemayotin 383; Barbara Swetman 260; Keillor Mose 302; Brian How 547; Yael Tarshish 372; Jesse Krikorian 227; Esther Wade 32b.

Pleasance Crawford led 70t for the following sick and shut-ins: Corrone Bryant, Ruth Ann Bryant, Ann Frankel, Henry Schuman and Linda Hellerich, Dorothy Connor, John Cantrell, Tom Padwa, Mike Szeyney, Judy Clum, Curtis Owen, Myrl Jones, Alan Neumann, Carol Hedden, Madeleine Grieve, Jean Ayotte, Stefania Smigelski, Joanne Treistman, and Jennifer Jones.

Lisa Bennett conducted the memorial lesson and led 404 in memory of the following deceased: Mark Hamilton, Joe Dahmen, Marlene Levine, and Dick Levine—New Jersey; Elizabeth Shea, Bill French, and Robert Francis—Maine; Tom Siess—Ontario; Naomi G. Fidler and Marilyn Eichenlaub—Pennsylvania; Suzanne Gosselin—Quebec/California; Michael Appert—Illinois; Mary Ellen Schrock, Michael Kaye, Charles Kennison, and Kathleen Forrest—New York; Paul Wilson—Minnesota; Megan Swartz—Maryland; Scott Drummond—Virginia; Rosalyn Payne—Vermont; Katherine Glatter and Shirley Allen—Massachusetts; Andy Worthington and Carol Chapman—Georgia; Ruth Daniel and Eugene Forbes—Alabama; Adelaide Vaughn—Texas; Joan Sowers—California; Concetta Branson—Oregon. The memorial lesson concluded with a prayer offered by Liz Cantrell.

Leaders: Tarik Wareh 76b; L.J. Brubaker 277; Joyce Forry 27; Jonathan Spencer 160b; Barbara Hohenstein 232; Philippe Doyle-Gosselin 216.


The class was brought back to order by Jesse Flynn leading 148. Leaders: Ruth Wampler and Ryan Koch 345b; Lauren Clampitt 501; David Smead 400; Leonard Spencer 218; Lisa Bennett 203; Chris Nicholson 212; Pamela Minor 121; Doran Henkin 336; Pippa Stoddard 446; Ateven Snderson 271b; Joel Bassett 370; Anne Kazlauskas 447; Gerry Hoffman 448t; Ron Trial 550; MB Gowins 419; Eric Hildebrant 377; Ethan McNerney 33b; Jennie Brown 187; Bob Parr 215; Robert Stoddard 276; Liz Cantrell 538; Chris Holley 268; Joanne Fuller and Claudia Smigelski 217; Bill Holt 222; Mary Skidmore 245.


The class was brought back to order by Scott Harriman leading 105. Leaders: Dan Coppock 430; Tarik Wareh and Ruth Wampler 292; Rachel Farber 439; Hayden Arp and Ryan Nash 442; Donna Carlson 300; Aldo Ceresa and David Deacon 180; Chris Nicholson 34b; Debbie Bliss 376; David Smead and Lisa Bennett 189; Esther Wade and Erik-Darden Ymeraga 224; Pamela Minor 146; Else Phemayotin and Emma Swartz 37b; Ateven Snderson 207; Chuck Crawford 546; Philippe Doyle-Gosselin and Jesse Vear 214; Leonard Spencer and Jonathan Spencer 254; Joel Bassett 345t; Joyce Forry and Keillor Mose 495; George Sigut 209; Doran Henkin 228.

A business meeting convened and Rachel Taylor was elected chairman of the 2020 Maine All-Day Singing. Robert Taylor and Jesse Vear offered resolutions. Eric Sandberg, Sara Sandberg, and Emma Swartz led 62 as the closing song. Chris Holley dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Eric Sandberg; Secretary—Sara Sandberg