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Victorian Sacred Harp Singing

Melbourne, Australia

Saturday, July 20, 2019

The 7th annual Victorian All-Day Singing was held at the bluestone hall of Brunswick Uniting Church, Sydney Road, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia. Melanie Albrecht led 178. Natalie Sims offered the opening prayer. The outgoing chairman, Melanie Albrecht, welcomed singers and offered an Acknowledgement of Country.

Natalie Sims taught an introductory singing school on the distinctive aspects of Sacred Harp singing and practice. She spoke on four aspects of the Sacred Harp tradition: I) its inclusive nature, in which everyone is welcome to sing in their own voice; II) its egalitarian nature, in which everyone is welcome to lead tunes as they wish; III) its tolerance of multiple beliefs and ideas; and IV) the hospitality of the Sacred Harp community.

Leaders: Lauren Reader 146; Angharad Davis 30b; Morag Logan 107; Ruth McNamara 47t; Dianne Porter 47b; Myfanwy Godfrey 49b; Elaena Gardner 56b; Shawn Whelan 546.

A business session was held and the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Co-Chairmen—Morag Logan and Peter Rayner; Secretary—Lauren Reader; Chaplain—Natalie Sims; Memorial Lesson—Myfanwy Godfrey; Treasurer—Melanie Albrecht; Arranging Committee—Shawn Whelan and Ruth McNamara.

Leaders: Peter Rayner 67; Marg Davis and Angharad Davis 34b; Philippa Stevens 46; Caitlin Jay 503; Natalie Sims 184.


Melanie Albrecht led 430 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Lauren Reader 472; Angharad Davis 182; Ruth McNamara 42; Dianne Porter 481; Myfanwy Godfrey 117; Elaena Gardner 217; Peter Rayner 324; Marg Davis and Angharad Davis 56t; Shawn Whelan 270; Philippa Stevens 333; Caitlin Jay 453; Natalie Sims 480; Morag Logan 297; Lauren Reader 460; Melanie Albrecht 452; Angharad Davis 445; Ruth McNamara 29t; Dianne Porter 523; Elaena Gardner 506; Myfanwy Godfrey 203; Caitlin Jay 31t; Peter Rayner 66. Natalie Sims offered grace before the meal.


Natalie Sims led 224 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Dianne Porter 143; Morag Logan 551; Philippa Stevens 393; Ruth McNamara 84; Angharad Davis 327; Shawn Whelan 198; Caitlin Jay 302; Lauren Reader 99; Elaena Gardner 383; Melanie Albrecht 344; Myfanwy Godfrey 277; Peter Rayner 388; Natalie Sims 384; Dianne Porter 323b.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Myfanwy Godfrey. The following deceased were remembered and honored: Des Neave and Mary Wallace. The following sick and shut-ins were named: Jennifer Jones, Dilini Jayakody, Geraldine Finn, and Madeleine Griffeth. Myfanwy Godfrey led 122.

Leaders: Morag Logan 95; Angharad Davis 349; Ruth McNamara 348t; Shawn Whelan 564; Philippa Stevens 213b; Caitlin Jay 330t; Lauren Reader 287; Elaena Gardner 504.


Myfanwy Godfrey and Maggie Murphy led 155 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Melanie Albrecht 535; Peter Rayner 148; Natalie Sims 320; Morag Logan and Peter Rayner 236; Dianne Porter 147t; Angharad Davis 176t; Ruth McNamara 112; Shawn Whelan 532; Philippa Stevens 74b; Caitlin Jay 284; Lauren Reader 105; Elaena Gardner 142; Dianne Porter and Ann Roberts 496; Angharad Davis, Philippa Stevens, Elaena Gardner and Caitlin Jay 478; Maggie Murphy, Sherrill McKinnon, Conor O’Hanlon, Ruth McNamara and Lauren Reader 268.

Morag Logan and Peter Rayner thanked those who worked to make the all-day singing happen, including officers, committee members, singing school teacher, and all those who brought food. The Secretary reported that at least twenty-six singers from two states and one territory had sung seventy-eight songs led by eighteen leaders. The Treasurer reported that donations had been received and would be directed towards the use of the hall and the purchase of additional singing books. Announcements were made, and thanks were given, especially to the visiting singers.

Peter Rayner and Morag Logan led 347 as the closing song. Natalie Sims offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Co-Chairmen—Morag Logan and Peter Rayner; Secretary—Lauren Reader