Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Fasola Omaha

St. Vincent of Lehrens Church, Omaha, Nebraska

March 28, 1998

Fasola Omaha, the first all day Sacred Harp singing in Nebraska, was called to order by Co-Chair George Krause leading song on page 49b. Co-Chair Frances Mendenhall gave welcoming remarks and led song on page 178. The morning prayer was offered by Chaplain Sandra Squires. Leaders: Keith Willard 29t; Francis Gurtz 448t; Walter Graff 39b; Shelley Robbins 192; Martha Henderson 64; Jenny Willard 99; Matt Wells 155; Jerry Enright 77 (t? b?); Paul Wyatt 171; Connie Karduck 498; Wendy Popp 148; Arlie Prokop 350; Richard Green 38b; Collette Miller 368; Scott Schroeder 28b; Denise Kania 228; Ted Mercer 299; Kit Pfau 312b; Susan Green 474.


The class was called back to order by Frances Mendenhall leading song on page 31t. Leaders: Berkley Moore 209; Stephen Parker 454; Cynthia Kissee 361; Richard Popp 300; Dean Slaton 536; Charlie Obert 236; Alice Love 551b; Charles Scudder 107; Zena Tucker 40; Larry Hall 63; Jenni Wallace-Grate 36b; Collette Miller 341; Ted Mercer 460; Cynthia Kissee 479; Richard Green 485; Kit Pfau 82t; Wendy Popp 175b; Stephen Parker 515b; Connie Karduck 456.


The afternoon session opened with Frances Mendenhall leading song on page 49t.

Chaplain Sandra Squires gave the Memorial Lesson, and Keith Willard led song on page 201 for the deceased. Susan Green lead song on page 566 for the sick and shut-in.

Leaders: Walter Graff 497; Scott Schroeder 34b; Shelley Robbins 218; Gene Hauptman 163b; Keith Willard 74b; Kathy Wood and Jim Wood 373; Berkley Moore 335; Martha Henderson 504; Frances Mendenhall 532; Susan Green 523; Charlie Obert 203; Zena Tucker and George Krause 535; Richard Popp “Discipline”; Matt Wells 146; Jenni Wallace-Grate 318; Jerry Enright “Ryan Woods”; Dean Slaton 434.


The class was called back to order by Denise Kania leading song on page 171. Leaders: Charles Scudder 147 (t? b?); Francis Gurtz 500; Jenny Willard 163t; Paul Wyatt 182; Alice Love 65; Arlie Prokop 452b; Larry Hall 59; Stephen Parker (for Val Eng) 362; Charlie Obert 503; Kathy Wood (for Jean Carhart) 84; Francis Gurtz 142; Connie Karduck 565; Berkley Moore 48 (t? b?); Jenni Wallace-Grate 354 (t? b?); Jenny Willard 349; Wendy Popp 102; Keith Willard 144; Jerry Enright (for Lawrence and Lula Underwood) 383.

George Krause and Frances Mendenhall led 62 as the closing song. Berkley Moore gave the ending prayer and Keith Willard proposed that this be the first annual singing in Omaha.

Co-Chairs—George Krause and Frances Mendenhall; Secretary—Kathy Wood.