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John and Loraine Bayer Memorial Singing

Old German Baptist Brethren Meeting House, New Lebanon, Ohio

Sunday, July 14, 2019

The 3rd annual John and Loraine Bayer Memorial Singing was held at Old German Baptist Brethren Meeting House. The morning prayer was offered by Jim Herr. Songs were sung from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition, as well as a book of John Bayer’s compositions, The Dayton Harmonist, noted as DH.

The class was called to order by Ray Rechenberg leading 171. Leaders: Vic Whisman 84; Jim Patterson 569b; Kathleen Flanagan 477; Donna Bing 312b; Andrew Clinard 442; Claudia Baldwin 270; Anthony D’Agostino 282; Barb Vanderjagt 155; Joshua Geiser 86; Curtis Cook 217; Greg Creech 35t (DH); Len Vanderjagt 448t; Grace Patterson 73t; Rich Overturf 33b; Beth Garfinkel 504; Sylvia Thomas 315; Liz Hayes 300; Michael Darby 121.


Ray Rechenberg brought the class back to order by leading 40. Leaders: John Bealle 192; Debbie Barford 163b; Regina Frick 5 (DH); Marian Mitchell 200; Eloise Clark 125; Steve Bing 277; Jan May 17t (DH); Hans Bayer 15 (DH); Cecelia Kramer 39t; Dave Barford 542; Jubal Bayer 22t (DH); Dave Ressler 13 (DH); Eddie Mash 21t (DH); Presley Barker 120; Laura Ann Russell 406; Virginia Eldridge 383; Sheila Patterson 274t; Tim Gregg 6 (DH); Linda Coppock 30b; Erin Fulton 491; David Casenhiser 146; Annaliza Cull 384; Jim Coppock 189.

Sacred Harp singers were asked to share their memories of John and Loraine, and how they had influenced the Sacred Harp community. Ray Rechenberg led the class in singing 285t in their honor.


Ray Rechenberg brought the class back to order by leading 148. Leaders: Michele Cull 29t; Donnie Simmet 203; Jubal Bayer 19b (DH); Hans Bayer 27 (DH); Regina Frick 328; Erin Fulton 25 (DH); Presley Barker 362; Eddie Mash 475; Jan May 474; Dave Ressler 216; Marian Mitchell 24 (DH); Annaliza Cull 215; Cecelia Kramer 534; Anthony D’Agostino 178.


Leaders: Susan Zurcher 535; Virginia Eldridge 153; Jim Herr 556; Tim Gregg and Joy Dunn 452; Bobette Olson 102; Dave Barford 99; Clara Herr 564; Joshua Geiser 268; Debbie Barford 269; Beth Garfinkel 344; Curtis Cook 333; Jim Coppock, Linda Coppock, John Bealle, and Eloise Clark 196; Sheila Patterson, Grace Patterson, and Jim Patterson 324; Sylvia Thomas and Michael Darby 168; Hans Bayer, Jubal Bayer, Steve Duff, Vic Whisman, and Regina Frick 95.

Committee reports were given and announcements were made. The closing song was 347. The closing prayer was offered by Jim Herr.

Chairman—Ray Rechenberg; Secretary—David Casenhiser