Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Cane Creek Primitive Baptist Church Singing

Heflin, Cleburne County, Alabama

Sunday, May 19, 2019

The annual Decoration Day Sacred Harp singing was held at Cane Creek Primitive Baptist Church, near Heflin, Cleburne County, Alabama, on the third Sunday in May. Glenda Collins called the class to order leading 46. Jack Nelson offered the opening prayer. Glenda welcomed everyone, and then led 101t.

Leaders: Donna Bell 100, 314; Cecil Roberts 30t, 378b; Jack Nelson 335, 29b; Bert Collins 35, 339.

The class was organized by electing or appointing the following officers to serve: Chairman—Glenda Collins; Vice Chairman—Kathy Williams; Secretary—Donna Bell.

Leaders: Isaac Green 79 (in honor of Charlene Wallace), 494 (for Richard DeLong); Winfred Kerr 549, 565; Oscar McGuire 569b, 57; Kathy Williams 47t, 37b; Sylvia Holland 348b, 45t.


Cecil Roberts led 28b to call the class back to order. Leaders: Nicole Scott 142, 109; Emily Stutzman 270, 49b; Glenda Collins 99, 566; Donna Bell 183, 454 (for Virginia Dyer); Cecil Roberts 500, 547; Jack Nelson 143, 358; Bert Collins 542, 340; Isaac Green 294 (by request), 422; Ann Simpson 47b, 445.

Kathy Williams conducted the memorial lesson. She read the names of the following sick and shut-ins: Dennis Simmons, Charlene Wallace, Richard DeLong, Virginia Dyer, and Lucy Garner. The deceased remembered were Joan Owen, Tim Owen, Louise Owen, Eugene Forbes, Eva Barker Bragg, Robert Norton, Freddia R. Austin, Johnny Kaylor—Alabama; and Susan Roberts—Georgia. Kathy spoke, and closed with the thought, remember, although we’re sad to lose them, they’ve gone on to a better place. She then led 347 for both the sick and shut-ins and the deceased. Cecil Roberts closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Charlie Norton gave the cemetery report. He thanked everyone who helped with upkeep for the cemetery. He welcomed James Barker to the Cemetery Committee. He mentioned the expenses. He also thanked the singers for coming to sing today. Charlie Norton asked the blessing of the noon meal at the tables.


Glenda Collins brought the afternoon session to order leading 124. Leaders: Oscar McGuire 515; Winfred Kerr 516, 282; Emily Stutzman 420, 319; Kathy Williams 36b, 448b; Esther Williams 148; Daniel Williams 387, 70b; Emmadene Williams 349, 425; Nicole Scott 65, 383; Ruth Daniel 378t, 155 (in memory of her sister, Evelyn Harris); Glenda Collins 192 (for Margaret McGuire, and in memory of Howard McGuire); Jack Nelson 517; Emily Stutzman and Oscar McGuire 276; Nicole Scott 269.

Announcements were made. Glenda Collins, Kathy Williams, and Donna Bell led 56t as the closing song. Daniel Williams offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Glenda Collins; Vice Chairman—Kathy Williams; Secretary—Donna Bell