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Furman University Singing

Daniel Recital Hall, Furman University, Greenville, South Carolina

Saturday, May 11, 2019

The 22nd singing at Furman University, Daniel Recital Hall, Greenville, South Carolina, was held on Saturday before the second Sunday in May. The first morning session was from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition. Frances Carnell welcomed the singers and led 21 (CH). Leon Carnell offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Frances Carnell 171 (CH); Dave Farmer 88 (CH); Rob Kelley 268 (CH); Bill Hollingsworth 61b (CH); Leslie Booher 396t (CH); Christy Sinksen 548 (CH); Mary Baumeister 24b (CH); Jacob Lindler 208b (CH); Jeremiah Ledbetter 142 (CH); Nicole Scott 143 (CH); Jonathan Wood 67b (CH); Mike Spencer 401b (CH); John Plunkett 400t (CH) (for Jesse Roberts and family); Steve Walker 258 (CH); Phil Perrin 117 (CH); Chris Wilhelm 163t (CH); Diane Eskenasy 89 (CH).

In a business meeting it was announced that this is our last singing at Furman University. A new location and date for 2020 are yet to be determined.


The second morning session was from The Sacred Harp (1991). Leaders: Frances Carnell 84 (in memory of her sister-in-law); Dave Farmer 209; Rob Kelley 510; Bill Hollingsworth 56b; Leslie Booher 448t; Christy Sinksen 107; Mary Baumeister 108b; Jacob Lindler 150; Jeremiah Ledbetter 335; Nicole Scott 336; Jonathan Wood 345b; Mike Spencer 420 (for Shannon Primm); John Plunkett 130; Steve Walker 565; Phil Perrin 354b; Chris Wilhelm 402; Barbara Brooks 119; Cody Brown 159; Diane Eskenasy 222; Dan Huger 99. Mike Spencer offered the Grace for lunch.


The first afternoon session was from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition. Leaders: Dave Farmer 432b (CH); Rob Kelley 80 (CH); Bill Hollingsworth 146b (CH); Leslie Booher 544 (CH); Christy Sinksen 299 (CH); Mary Baumeister 292 (CH); Jacob Lindler 294 (CH); Jeremiah Ledbetter 269t (CH); Nicole Scott 267 (CH); Jonathan Wood 276 (CH); Mike Spencer 310t (CH); John Plunkett 282 (CH); Steve Walker 131 (CH); Phil Perrin 184 (CH); Chris Wilhelm 337 (CH); Diane Eskenasy 51 (CH).


The second afternoon session was from The Sacred Harp (1991). Leaders: Frances Carnell 318; Dave Farmer 566; Rob Kelley 485; Bill Hollingsworth 180; Leslie Booher 156; Christy Sinksen 39t; Mary Baumeister 74b; Jacob Lindler 167; Jeremiah Ledbetter 145t; Nicole Scott 142; Jonathan Wood 37t; Mike Spencer 166; John Plunkett 90; Steve Walker 569b; Phil Perrin 58; Chris Wilhelm 446; Barbara Brooks 138b; Cody Brown 445; Eric Carnell, Joy Carnell, and MaryGrace Carnell 159; Esther Carnell 455; Dan Huger 254. Announcements were made.

The class sang 267 as the closing song. Eric Carnell offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Frances Carnell; Vice Chairman—Dave Farmer; Secretary—Mary Baumeister