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Boston Sacred Harp Singing

First Church in Jamaica Plain Unitarian Universalist,
Boston, Massachusetts

Saturday, May 11, 2019

The Boston All-Day Singing was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Brian Harris, who led 144 and offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Pippa Stoddard 52t; Adam Roberts 319; Jennie Brown 36b; Bill Holt 34b; Christina Wallin 40; Robert Dove 474; Sam Mayo 65; Ron Trial 127; Christopher Kain 471; MB Gowins 171; Dennis O’Brien 480; Ross Parker 312b; Anne Kazlauskas 207; John Travers 448t; DJ Hatfield 296; Bruce Randall 297; Bob Parr 479; Lyra O’Brien 505.


Elizabeth Stoddard called the class back to order leading 87. Leaders: William Schuller 88t; Barbara Swetman 236; Laura Hodges 546; Wendy Sibbison 316; Leon Pulsinelle 390; Mary Skidmore 172; Elizabeth Patton 77b; Mike Richards 336; Sarah Stefanski 182; Jeremy Galvagni 39t; Al McCready 227; Liz Cantrell 192; Gwen Gethner 411; Dan Coppock 215; Sue Peters 178; Sally Langendorf 314; Richard Schmeidler 120.


Pippa Stoddard called the class back to order leading 114. Leaders: Rachel Rudi 436; Linda Shea 168; Christina Wallin 228; Kerry Cullinan 451; Ian Quinn 354t; Elizabeth Stoddard 173.

Jana Yeaton and Bill Holt conducted the memorial lesson. Jana Yeaton led 330b in honor of the following sick and shut-ins: Keith Malcolm Brown, Corrone Bryant, Ruth Ann Bryant, Beverly Silva, Kathe Pilibosian, Joanne Fuller, Vale Cofer-Shabica, Carol Kholier, Ted O’Connell, Bertha Rechenberg, Charlene Wallace, David Kaynor, and Rhiannon Davis.

Bill Holt led 285t in honor of the following deceased: Dick Levine and Marlene Levine—New Jersey; Frances Oaron—Florida; Bill French—Maine; Bill Reid, John Campbell, Bill Kuhlman, Louise Yeaton, Richard Morse, Kathryn Glatter, and Janet Shea—Massachusetts; Concetta Branson—Oregon; C.C. McRegney and Don Donette—Vermont; Adelaide Vaughn—Texas; Mary Ellen Shock, Michael Kaye, Kathleen Forrest, and Margaret Smith—New York; Jean Peters Sowers—California; Ralph Hostetter—Maryland; Walter Howrey—Missouri; Elizabeth Rechenberg—Ohio.

Leaders: Erik-Dardan Ymeraga 370; Erin Fulton 410b; Charles Biada 328; Angharad Davis 428; Jennie Brown 564. Christina Wallin closed the session with a prayer.


MB Gowins called the class back to order leading 145t. Leaders: Wendy Sibbison 454; Adam Roberts 323t; Dan Coppock 292; Sally Langendorf 229; DJ Hatfield 422; Liz Cantrell 434; Charles Biada 397; Sarah Stefanski 547; Laura Hodges 528; Allison Steel 419; Gwen Gethner 406; Angharad Davis 400; Leon Pulsinelle 359; Deidra Montgomery 300; Jeremy Galvagni 299; Erin Fulton 433; Linda Shea 55; Mary Skidmore 282; Ross Parker 196; Dennis O’Brien 504; Elizabeth Patton 534; Eric Hildebrant 551.


Leaders: Ron Trial 148; Robert Dove 107; Scott Oglesby 337; Mike Richards 430; Anne Kazlauskas 278t; Bruce Randall 327; Ian Quinn 384; Sue Peters 415; Sam Mayo 277; Erik-Darden Ymeraga 179; Elizabeth Stoddard 57; Bob Parr 208; Allison Steel 345b; William Schuller 42; Barbara Swetman 540; Rachel Rudi 500; Christopher Kain 457; Deidra Montgomery 472. The Treasurer reported that all expenses were met. The Secretary reported that eighty-two total singers with fifty-three leaders sang a total of ninety-two songs, and that nine US states (MA, CT, ME, RI, VT, NH, ME, NY, NJ, and KS) and one foreign country (Australia) were represented. A closing prayer was offered. Brian Harris, Pippa Stoddard, and Adam Roberts led 62 as the closing song.

Chairman—Brian Harris; Vice Chairman—Pippa Stoddard; Secretary—Adam Roberts