Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Peoria Area Singing

Willow Hill United Methodist Church, Germantown Hills, Illinois

Saturday, April 27, 2019

This session of shape-note singing was held to seek out and encourage new singers from an under-represented area of our state. The morning began with an introduction to the shapes and to the tradition of Sacred Harp singing, with additional comments and background information offered by different participants throughout the day. The class began by singing 49t, with everyone first singing the tenor line, then adding parts one at a time. Leaders: Peggy Peryam 63; Presley Barker 45t; Peggy Peryam 496; Jonathon Smith 81t; Noah Feeman 59.


Leaders: Lori Graber 87, 155; Shirley Figura 36b; Paul Figura 159; Terry Hogg 523, 299; Dave Barford 77t; Lori Graber 68b, 107; Barbara Chopin and Presley Barker 178; Diana Farrar 105; Eileen Ferguson 344; Cathryn Bearov 66, 270 (for Len VanderJagt). Terry Hogg offered a word of Grace before adjourning for lunch.


The afternoon session began with these leaders: Diana Farrar 268; Janet Fraembs 312b, 475; Martha Tyner 128, 479; Presley Barker 313b, 501; Jonathon Smith 207, 73t; Noah Feeman 113; Hugh Bowman and Presley Barker 83b; Peggy Peryam 73b, 178; Shirley Figura 565, 28b; Dave Barford 147t.


Peggy Peryam called class back to order with a thank you to all who attended, many of whom travelled some distance, and expressed plans to repeat this event, hopefully on some regular basis. After a few announcements, singing continued. Leaders: Jonathon Smith 282; Shirley Figura 47b; Paul Figura 146. Noah Feeman shared with the class the Shehecheyanu, a Jewish prayer said on special occasions and specially to express thanks for new experiences. The class sang 347, while taking the parting hand, followed by a closing prayer offered by Terry Hogg.

Chairman—Peggy Peryam and Diana Farrar; Secretary—Martha Tyner