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Golden Gate Singing

Alameda, California

Saturday, April 27, 2019

The 15th annual Golden Gate Singing was held at Trinity Lutheran Church in Alameda, California, on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in April. Dave Barber called the class together leading 47t, and then offered the opening prayer. In a business session, the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Leah Coffin; Vice Chairman—Lena Strayhorn; Secretary—Leigh Cooper; Treasurer—Mark Godfrey; Arranging Committee—Erika Wilson, Heather Purdy, and Hannah Blair; Chaplain—Dave Barber.

Leaders: Leah Coffin 48t; Lena Strayhorn 30t; Leigh Cooper 32t; Dan Harper 29t; Carolyn Deacy 300; Mark Godfrey 39b; Mary O’Brien 421; Maggie Zhou 42; Aisha Morgan 39t; Linda Selph 144; Edward Rice 375; Yuka Oiwa 379; Robert Katz 147t; Rebecca Edwards 153; Betty Marvin 358; Esteban Veliz 86; Heather Purdy 131t; Mischa Skeeter 278t; Erica Martinez 212.


Wren Hyde called the class together leading 30b. Leaders: Bob Brylawski 122; Kate Fine 400; Pat Coghlan 91; Thom Fahrbach 409 (for Lindy Groening); Annalise Veliz 99; Erik Schwab 527; Evelyn Lamb 406; Sue Lindner 217; James Welsch 276; Ted Mercer 328; Julius Pasay 128; Kate Coxon and Carson Sestili 440; Marc Lambert 107; Sadhbh O’Flynn 423; Joel Chan 448t; Meredith Muller 47b; Bob Schinske 277.


David Fetcho called the class together leading 52t. Leaders: Thompson Yeh and Carson Sestili 56b; Hannah Blair 313b; Hans Guttmann 480; Jen Rymut 403; Kevin Barrans 108t; Mark Godfrey 59; Susan Fetcho 564; Wren Hyde 296; Dave Barber 383; Erika Wilson 123b; Edward Rice 113; Leah Coffin 181; Erica Martinez 38b; Betty Marvin 169.

Evelyn Lamb and Linda Selph conducted the memorial lesson. Evelyn Lamb led 50b for the following sick and homebound: Idy Kiser, Philomena Henderson, Melanie Hauff, Darlene Simpson-Brown, Michael Appert, Dan Fahrbach, Calum Woods, Marilyn Murata, Charlene Wallace, and Jill Accetta.

Linda Selph shared memories of Concetta Branson, and spoke of how she touched the Sacred Harp community. Thom Fahrbach led 472 for Concetta Branson. Linda Selph led 61 in memory of the following deceased: Concetta Branson—Oregon; Mel Rosenbaum, Adelaide Vaughn, and Doug Webb—Texas; Michael Kaye—New York; Barbara Losse and Gary “Doc” Taylor—Utah; Paul Luther Wilson—Minnesota; Elaine Zidek—Ohio; Tanner Swick—Louisiana; Kay Brylawski—Pennsylvania. Dave Barber offered a prayer to close the memorial lesson.

Leaders: David Wright 114; Rebecca Edwards 215; Kate Fine 218; Dan Harper 236. Dave Barber offered the prayer before the noon meal.


Leigh Cooper called the class together leading 354b. Leaders: Carolyn Deacy 216; Ted Mercer 299; Sadhbh O’Flynn 532; Kevin Barrans 542; David Fetcho 530; Kate Coxon 192; David Wright 456; Julius Pasay 384; Bob Schinske 500; Annalise Veliz 436; Erik Schwab 543; Jen Rymut 498; Esteban Veliz 547; Peter Ross 344; Aisha Morgan 339; Hans Guttmann 37b; Maggie Zhou 112.


Erika Wilson called the class together leading 106. Leaders: Lena Strayhorn and Ruby Miller 95; Carson Sestili 457; Joel Chan 455; Lenore Tjia 504; Julia MacMillan, Pilot Chew, and James Welsch 267; Heather Purdy 89; Pat Coghlan 501; Evelyn Lamb 399t; Mary O’Brien 378b; Bob Brylawski 163t; Thom Fahrbach 407; Yuka Oiwa 550; Ted Mercer 327; Meredith Muller and Katie Lefevre 49t; Mischa Skeeter 163b; Susan Fetcho 556; Linda Selph 475.

In a business session, the Treasurer reported that funds were sufficient. The Secretary reported that ninety-six songs had been led by fifty-one leader). The Resolutions Committee, Rebecca Edwards and Linda Berkemeier, thanked those who made the singing possible and resolved to meet again next year for the 16th annual Golden Gate Singing. The business session was closed, and announcements were made.

Leah Coffin, Lena Strayhorn, and Leigh Cooper led 62 as the closing song, and singers took the parting hand. Dave Barber offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Leah Coffin; Vice Chairman—Lena Strayhorn; Secretary—Leigh Cooper