Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Iowa Singing

St. John’s Lutheran Church, Des Moines, Iowa

Saturday, April 6, 2019

The 18th annual session of the Iowa All-Day Singing was called to order by Eric Saylor leading 49t. Eric Saylor offered opening remarks by welcoming those visiting from near and far. Sharla Hulsey offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Michael Moore 94; Shana Wenger 82t; Cecil Cook 30b; Sharla Hulsey 31t; Eleanor Haase 171; Dick Patterson 49b; Tamara Harris 30t; Barb Patterson 38t; Anne Missavage 66; Bryant Kumlin 99; Steve Luttinen 105; Laura Krossner 361; Eric Saylor 117; Carol Crawford 100; Jim Crawford 107; Michael Shawmaker 84.


Shana Wenger brought the class back together leading 203. Leaders: Cecil Cook 36b; Steve Luttinen 440; Michael Moore “Stockbridge”, “Dorchester”; Dick Patterson 38b; Michael Shawmaker 155; Bryan Kumlin 189; Carol Crawford 101t; Eric Saylor 112; Eleanor Haase 142; John Schly 81t; Jim Crawford 315; Laura Krossner 313b; Barb Patterson 481.

Sharla Hulsey conducted the memorial lesson, leading 86 to honor the following sick and shut-ins: Gary Studards, Clarence P. Cameron, Ben Crawford, Jack Vimmerstedt, Mary Vimmerstedt, and Skip Harris.

Sharla Hulsey led 499 in honor of the memory of the following deceased: Paul Luther Wilson—Minnesota; Dick Levine and Marlene Levine—New Jersey; Beverly Duncan and William Duncan—Iowa; Barry Robertson—Kansas; Galen Robertson—Oklahoma; Christin Diller—Arizona; and Concetta Branson—Oregon. The memorial lesson was closed by a prayer from Sharla Hulsey.


Tamara Harris brought the class back together leading 274t. Leaders: Anne Missavage 383; Charlotte Baldwin 551; Steve Luttinen 39b; Carol Crawford 34t; Shana Wenger 72b; Michael Moore 218; Michael Shawmaker 40; Dick Patterson 35; Eric Saylor 146; Jim Crawford 34b; Bryant Kumlin 348t; Eleanor Haase 216; Laura Krossner 163b; John Schly 186; Sharla Hulsey 515; Barb Patterson 63.


Anne Missavage brought the class back together leading 29t. Leaders: Shana Wenger 345b; Steve Luttinen 214; Barb Patterson 448t; Michael Moore 460; John Schly 39t; Eleanor Haase 300; Beth Ann Edwards 236; Bryant Kumlin 319; Charlotte Baldwin 178; Eric Saylor 217; Tamara Harris 373; Jim Crawford 313t; Dick Patterson 228; Carol Crawford 495; Michael Shawmaker 503. Announcements were made. Leaders: Sharla Hulsey 159; Tamara Harris 347; Eleanor Haase 71; Carol Crawford 516; Bryant Kumlin 183.

Eric Saylor led 62 as the closing song. Sharla Hulsey offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Eric Saylor; Secretary—Laura Krossner