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Vermont Sacred Harp Singing

Irasburg Town Hall, Irasburg, Vermont

Saturday, March 30, 2019

The 39th annual Vermont All-Day Sacred Harp Singing was called to order by Troad Richmond leading 448t. The opening prayer was offered by Philippe Doyle-Gosselin.

Leaders: Sue Dwelle 178; Carole Dempsey 131b; Kerry Cullinan 467; Joan Nagy 162; Philippe Doyle-Gosselin 481; Margaret Graver 330t; Em Ekelund 285b; David Rosenberg 34b; Pete Sutherland 315; Jonathan Spencer 68t; Jenny Wright 77t; Rachel Field 312b; Geoffrey Little 31t; Chris Geissler 142; Andal Sundaramurthy 309; Mary Skidmore 176t; Ruth Doerfler 65; Joanne Fuller 72b; Crispin Youngberg 327; Willard Peabody and Em Ekelund 159.


Dan Hertzler called the class back to order leading 274t. Leaders: Claire Hogan 81t; Liz Cantrell 466; Leonard Spencer 250; Joan Frankel 414; Harry Scott 66; Dan Coppock 68b; Charles Biada 36b; Toino Dumas 390; Mark Williams 269; Ron Trial 550; Esther Wade 101b; Gwen Gethner 179; Joseph Mendes 268; Lynette Combs 300; Suzanne McFate 40.

Ruth Doerfler conducted the memorial lesson with a reading from Rebbe Nachman. She led 313b for the following sick and housebound: Steve Crevoshay, Allen, Cynthia Martin, John Block, Rebecca Shepard, Steve Hoyt, Ann Little, Gordon Ekelund, Sara Cutshall King, Aimee Richmond, Amy Frankel, Colleen Cook, Suman Itandlikar, Mimi, Fabio, Dario, and Marie Edit, Ellen Davis, Bob Aldridge, David Boyle, Corrone and Ruth Ann Bryant.

She read the following names of the deceased: Edme Etienne, Suzie Lachapelle, Bob Marvin, Ida Tarlo, and Fotios Karkatzalis—Quebec; Robert Little—Ontario; Matthew Mark—Alberta; Walt Colteryahn, Millie Steingress, Don Donette, CC McCegney, and Tom Wells—Vermont; Shawn Martin—Nebraska; Jean Fleming, Laurie Lambie Wallace, Thomas Cuite, Carlton Brownell, Mary Ellen Schrock, and Michael Kaye—New York; Stacey Phillips—Connecticut; Nancy Skibbie—Maryland; Joy Morrison; Enid Wonacotte; Pauline Burgdorf—Indiana; Adelaide Vaughn—Texas; John Dineen—Massachusetts; Concetta Branson—Oregon. Ruth led 421 in their memory. The memorial lesson was closed with prayer.

Leaders: Anya Skibbie 172; Annie Lou Chester 479; Justin Squizzero 326; Meredith Browne 448b; Ethan McNerney 229. Joanne Fuller asked a blessing before the noon meal.


Dan Coppock called the class back to order leading 127. Leaders: Crispin Youngberg 384; Lamar Matthew 156; Thomas Begby 456; Carole Dempsey 168; Lari Jalbert 440; Jenny Wright 86; Chris Geissler 171; Mary Skidmore 270; Klara Longfellow 56b; Joanne Fuller 460; Jocelyn Faichney 337; Molly-Claire Gillett 318; Ron Begby 38b; Claire Hogan 165; Em Ekelund 349.


Anya Skibbie called the class back to order leading 47t. Leaders: Philippe Doyle-Gosselin 392; Gwen Gethner 123b; Margaret Graver 76b; Harry Scott 542; Justin Squizzero 536; Alex Felicitas 319; Geoffrey Little 122; Kerry Cullinan 372; Andal Sundaramurthy 512; Ron Trial 47b; Charles Biada 56t; Suzanne McFate 111b; Liz Cantrell 278b; Dan Hertzler 556.


Lynette Combs called the class back to order leading 236. Leaders: Jonathan Spencer 355; Mark Williams 383; Ethan McNerney 101t; Lari Jalbert and Toino Dumas 99; Lamar Matthew 154; Joseph Mendes 472; Jocelyn Faichney and Molly-Claire Gillett 344; Pete Sutherland 347; Esther Wade and Klara Longfellow 504; David Rosenberg 362; Annie Lou Chester, Alex Felicitas, and Meredith Browne 276; Willard Peabody and Em Ekelund 45t.

The Treasurer reported that expenses were met. The 2020 Vermont All-Day Singing will be held in Middlebury, Vermont. Troad Richmond, Erika Karp, and Ines Lüttgen led 62 as the closing song. Lamar Matthew offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Troad Richmond; Secretary—Ines Lüttgen