Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rogers Memorial

Ephesus, Georgia

March 1, 1998

The annual Sacred Harp Memorial Singing for Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rogers convened at Ephesus School on the first Sunday in March at 9:55 a.m. The class was called to order by Lonnie Rogers leading song on page 127. The morning prayer was led by B. J. Harris. S. T. Reed led songs on pages 129 and 123t.

The class organized for the day by electing or appointing the following officers: Chairman—Lonnie Rogers; Vice Chairman—B. M. Smith; Secretary—Karen Rollins; Arranging and Memorial Committee—Margie Smith and Mary Florence Smith.

Lonnie Rogers led song on page 225t; B. M. Smith 34b, 101t; Karen Rollins 143, 489.

Denney Rogers, Mayor of Ephesus, welcomed everyone and gave a short report on the community and its school system.

Leaders: Virgil Phillips 475; Pearl Guier 448b, 303; Bobby Bailey 35, 486; Louise Nelson 350, 87; Bud Oliver 145t, 32t; Lucille Forman 46, 177; Johnny Wright 106, 455; Shelbie Sheppard 556, 47b; Sheri Taylor 542, 209.


B. M. Smith brought the class to order leading song on page 39b. Leaders: Felton Denney 299; Elder Marshall Avery 40, 278b; Harrison Creel 530; Cassie Franklin 349; Rodney Ivey 47t; John Redmon 358; Linda Thomas 31b; Barry Rollins and Brandon Sparks 34t; Katherine Benefield 146; Tom McGraw 268; Flarce Creel 389; Coy Ivey 59; Leola Smith 340; Jackie Tanner 56t; Norma Latham 495; Bobby Jackson 523; Milton Oliver 318; Homer Benefield 141. The class sang “Happy Birthday” to: Homer Benefield, Roy Nelson, Eloise Avery, B. M. Smith, and Shelbie Sheppard; Tokay Boggs 145b; Don Bowen 99. Elder Marshall Avery offered prayer for the food to be served at the noon meal.


Lonnie Rogers called the class to order leading song on page 176b. Leaders: Henry Johnson 288; Kayla McWhorter, Susan Rice, Luke Rice, Randa Rollins, and Laura Williams 345t; Louis Hughes 176t.

Mrs. Becky Carlyle, principal of Ephesus School, welcomed everyone to the school.

The memorial lesson was given by Ruth Brown and Paige Harrod. Ruth Brown spoke using the words from the song “Passing Away”. Paige Harrod read the names of the following deceased: Roy Daniel, Mae Rogers, Bill Scott, Leon Rogers, John Forman, Mamie Creel, Jerry Huckeba, Josie McAlpin, Willie Mae McClendon, Vernice Calvert, Gertrude Bateman, Seldon Creel, and Janet Rogers. Leslie Spencer led song on page 137 in memory of her grandfather, John Forman. Felton Denney led song on page 48t for the rest of the deceased. Evelyn Harris led song on page 503 for the sick and shut-ins. The memorial was closed with prayer by Louis Hughes.

Leaders: Jeff Sheppard 460; Karen Rollins, Karleen Williams, Paige Harrod, Sherry Louvorn, Denney Rogers, and Miranel Swafford 405, 343; Eloise Avery 512; Louis Hughes, Jr. 276; Cindy Franklin 368; Roy Nelson 456; Judy Mincey 497; B. J. Harris 452; Teenie Moody 436; Liz Bryant 270.


B. M. Smith called the class to order leading song on page 28b. Leaders: Diane Avery 300; Gene Duke 119; Lloyd Toney 45t, Jeff Sheppard “Hocutt” (new song); Cassie Franklin and Rodney Ivey 186; Coy Ivey and Norma Latham 384; Jackie Tanner and Cindy Franklin 222; Harrison Creel and Flarce Creel 111b, 342, 348b; Lucille Forman and Leslie Spencer 100.

Announcements were made. A collection of $86.25 was given. Lonnie Rogers and B. M. Smith led song on page 73b for the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by Elder Homer Benefield.

Chairman—Lonnie Rogers; Vice Chairman—B. M. Smith; Secretary—Karen Rollins.