Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Higher Ground Singing/Darrell Swarens Memorial

Fairview United Methodist Church, Bloomington, Indiana

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Sarah Lynne Gershon opened the Higher Ground-Darrell Swarens Memorial singing at the Fairview United Methodist Church by leading 49t. Carol Ann Munro offered the opening prayer. The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Sarah Lynne Gershon; Arranging Committee—Bill Shetter and Marlen Rust; Chaplains—Carol Ann Munro and Adrian Eldridge; Secretary—Katherine Eldridge.

Leaders: John Hoerr 33b; Curtis Cook 350; Gregg Creech 515; Shannon Tibbs 148; Aaron Jones 547; Anthony D’Agostino 282; Katherine Eldridge 491; Tim Gregg 99; Samuel Sommers 286; Bill Shetter 470; Kathleen Flanagan 277; Ray Rechenberg 477; Eloise Clark 127 (MH); Janice Harrell 198; Tom Morton 49t; John Bealle 475; Michael Domino 89 (MH); Sarah Lynne Gershon 70b.


The class was called together by John Hoerr leading 102. Leaders: Carol Ann Munro 464; Beth Garfinkel 146; Eileen Ferguson 36b; Alasdair Gershon 117; Virginia Eldridge 203; Michael Mosley 180; Terry Hogg 135 (MH); Adrian Eldridge 111b; Cindy Beaule 344; Clara Herr and Jim Herr 365; Jim Herr 546; Tim Morton 168; Thea Smith and John Hoerr 546; James Eldridge 108t; Steve Pollit and Carol Ann Munro 77t.


Curtis Cook called the class together by leading 217. Leaders: Shannon Tibbs 454; Aaron Jones 269; Elizabeth Laws 57; Anthony D’Agostino 235; Aaron Laws 115; Greg Creech 74b; Samuel Sommers 437; Ray Rechenberg 276; Eloise Clark 27; Sarah Lynne Gershon 383. Sarah Lynne Gershon asked a blessing before the noon meal.


John Hoerr brought the class together by leading 426b. Leaders: Janice Harrell 183; Kathleen Flanagan 72b; Tim Gregg 373; Anthony D’Agostino 45t; Joan Aldridge 228; Tom Morton 496; John Bealle 522; Michael Domino 175 (MH).

The memorial lesson was conducted by Curtis Cook, who offered prayer for those on the sick and shut-in list, and then acknowledged those on the memorial list. He led 159 (MH). Leaders: Carol Ann Munro 550; Beth Garfinkel “Swarens”; Eileen Ferguson 112; Virginia Eldridge 424; Michael Mosley 185; Terry Hogg 180 (MH); the class sang 372 (by request).


Leaders: John Hoerr 436 (for James Eldridge’s birthday); Adrian Eldridge 312t; Thea Smith and Aaron Jones 47b; James Eldridge and Jim Herr 182; Clara Herr 278t; Jim Herr 13 (MH).

Sarah Lynne Gershon led 62 as the closing song. Adrian Eldridge offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Sarah Lynne Gershon; Secretary—Katherine Eldridge