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North Carolina Sacred Harp Singing

Pullen Memorial Baptist Chapel, Raleigh, North Carolina

March 2-3, 2019

Saturday, March 2

The first day of the North Carolina Sacred Harp Singing took place at Pullen Memorial Baptist Chapel, Raleigh, North Carolina, on Saturday before the first Sunday in March. Dave Farmer called the class to order leading 59.

The following officers were elected or appointed: Chairman—Kyle Johnston; Treasurer—Rick Motylinski; Secretary—Derek Lane; Arranging Committee—Kathy Kaiser, Jonathan Surrency, Elaine Denny, and Kelly Macklin.

Leaders: Kyle Johnston 171; Derek Lane 31t; Rick Motylinski 569b; John Feddersen 163b; Lydia Lewallen 39b; Nancy Newell 148; Jonathan Surrency 335; Xaris Martinez 29t; Joan Robertson 344; Kathy Kaiser 383; Michael Spencer 393; Sharon Strong 102; Janice Lautier 312b; Gene Anderson 441; Claudia Egelhoff 77b; Jonathan Wood 33t; Jonathan Gaylord 77t; Tom Ivey 280; Matt Drumheller 448t; Chris Wolf 372.


Rich Hammer called the class back to order leading 49t. Leaders: Pamela Minor 121; Stephen Jones 338; Eli Snyder 436; Rachel Mann 87; Les Updike 373; Adrienne Robertson 455; Marlen Ruegg 496; Rick Motylinski 99; Nora Miller 203; Sue Peters 341; Joel Miller 573; Erin Newton 543; Hollie Long 283; Molly Sweetser 270; David Wilson 143; Jonathan Wood 34t; Lydia Lewallen 187; Jonathan Gaylord 385b; John Feddersen 454; Joan Robertson 66; Janice Lautier 159; Matt Drumheller 125; Gene Anderson 480; Xaris Martinez 430; Kyle Johnston 61.


Leaders: Kathy Kaiser 384; Sharon Strong 240; Lynda Hambourger 242; Clarke Williams 426b; Lydia Lewallen and Mary Lewallen 198; Jonathan Surrency 112; Stefani Priskos 213t; Deborah Brogden 178; Tatiana Hargreaves 319; Susanna Newton 318; Adrienne Robertson 551; Dave Cooper 236; Michael Spencer 382; Eli Snyder 328; Stephen Jones 285t; Bill Lowry 155; Tom Ivey 504; Pamela Minor 472; Claudia Egelhoff 548; Sue Peters 82b; Chris Wolf 410b; Joel Miller 517; Derek Lane 38b.


Chris Wolf called the class back to order leading 28b. Leaders: Erin Newton 169; Hollie Long 530; Les Updike 503; Grace Barr and Jonathan Surrency 186; Rachel Mann 40.

Sally Owen conducted the lesson to remember the following sick and shut-ins: Sweetser, Jerry Mason, Bill Coe, Frank deBol, and Charlene Wallace. Lynda Hambourger led 68b.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Sally Owen to remember the following deceased: Eugene Forbes—Alabama; Mike Nichols, Sarah Bradsher, Frank Fowler, Carol Joyce, and Dale Reed—North Carolina; Mary Ellen Schrock and Loretta Blaul—New York; Mrs. Hohorth—New Jersey; Paul Kaiser, Martin Kaiser, and Micki Handrick. Nancy Newell led 347.

Leaders: Nora Miller 176t; Stefani Priskos 123t; Tatiana Hargreaves 209; Clarke Williams 124; Bill Lowry 84; Lynda Hambourger 528; Claudia Egelhoff 464; Adrienne Robertson 346; Xaris Martinez 564; Joel Miller 56t; Tom Ivey 565; Eli Snyder 505; Stephen Jones 123b; Kyle Johnston 229; Michael Spencer 521; Matt Drumheller 375; Kyle Johnston 62.

Sunday, March 3

The Sunday singing was held at the Fleming Lodge, Chapel Hill. Kyle Johnston called the class to order leading 1b (ShH). Leaders: Lydia Lewallen 262 (ShH); Claudia Egelhoff 22b (ShH); John Feddersen 326t (ShH); Sharon Strong 431 (ShH); Erin Newton 216 (ShH); John delRe 305 (ShH); Tom Ivey 162 (ShH); Jonathan Surrency 403 (ShH); Kelly Macklin 167 (ShH); Les Updike 124 (ShH); Chris Wilhelm 361 (ShH); Ari Lindenbaum 21 (ShH); Eli Snyder 70t (ShH); David Wilson 12b (ShH); Joel Miller 339 (ShH); Chris Wolf 77 (ShH); Derek Lane 246b (ShH); Nora Miller 96t (ShH); Sue Peters 132 (ShH).


Kelly Macklin called the class back to order leading 444t (ShH). Leaders: Clarke Williams 404t (ShH); Michael Spencer 37 (ShH); Kyle Johnston 418t (ShH); Kathy Kaiser 242 (ShH); Rick Motylinski 170 (ShH); Claudia Egelhoff 364b (ShH); Lydia Lewallen 300b (ShH); Chris Wilhelm 110 (ShH); John delRe 122 (ShH); John Feddersen 125 (ShH); Les Updike 296 (ShH); Jonathan Surrency 260t (ShH); Ari Lindenbaum 105 (ShH); Erin Newton 352 (ShH); Eli Snyder 254 (ShH); Joel Miller 184 (ShH); Chris Wolf 83b (ShH); Nora Miller 32 (ShH); Kelly Macklin 410 (ShH); Kyle Johnston 3b (ShH).


Leaders: John Feddersen 147 (ShH); Derek Lane 140b (ShH); Sue Peters 103 (ShH); Bill Lowry 408b (ShH); Lynda Hambourger 146 (ShH); Claudia Egelhoff 285 (ShH); Kelly Macklin 182 (ShH); Kyle Johnston 420t (ShH); Kathy Kaiser 326b (ShH); Clarke Williams 373 (ShH); Michael Spencer 424t (ShH); Lydia Lewallen 114 (ShH); John delRe 348t (ShH); John Feddersen 260b (ShH); Les Updike 157b (ShH); Jonathan Surrency 180 (ShH); Erin Newton 139 (ShH); Ari Lindenbaum 1t (ShH); Joel Miller 287 (ShH); Chris Wolf 137 (ShH); Nora Miller 286 (ShH); Dave Cooper 25 (ShH); Derek Lane 264b (ShH); Lynda Hambourger 298b (ShH); Claudia Egelhoff 413 (ShH); Kelly Macklin 348b (ShH); Kyle Johnston 127 (ShH).


Jonathan Surrency called the class back to order leading 264t (ShH). Leaders: Ari Lindenbaum 265 (ShH); James Latimer 175 (ShH); Clarke Williams 2 (ShH); Lydia Lewallen 203 (ShH); John delRe 363 (ShH); Kathy Kaiser 120t (ShH); John Feddersen 346t (ShH); Jonathan Surrency 113 (ShH); Erin Newton 258 (ShH); Joel Miller 43t (ShH); Chris Wolf 326t (ShH); Nora Miller 112 (ShH); Derek Lane and Lucinda Davis 389 (ShH); Lynda Hambourger 358 (ShH); Claudia Egelhoff 173 (ShH); Kelly Macklin 24 (ShH); Kyle Johnston 438t (ShH); Jamie Latimer 3t (ShH); Ari Lindenbaum 177 (ShH); Clarke Williams 306 (ShH); Lydia Lewallen 218t (ShH); John delRe 227 (ShH); John Feddersen 351 (ShH); Kyle Johnston 309 (ShH).

Chairman—Kyle Johnston; Secretary—Derek Lane