Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Dominic Ciavonne Ziegler Memorial Singing

Felta Schoolhouse, Healdsburg, California

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The 7th annual Dominic Ciavonne Ziegler Memorial Singing was held at the Felta Schoolhouse, Healdsburg, California, on New Year’s Day. The class was called to order by Mary Ann Ciavonne leading 39t. Aisha Morgan offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Leah Coffin 101t; Lindy Groening 435; Jack Ziegler 106; Mark Godfrey 276; Mary O’Brien 37b; Dan Harper 209; Rebecca Edwards 29b; Leigh Cooper 162; Terry Moore 222; Aisha Morgan 135; Dave Barber 59; Wren Hyde 459; Marc Lambert 495; Linda Selph 480; Mischa Skeeter 178. Carol Ciavonne read the poem “When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer” by Walt Whitman in memory of Dominic Ciavonne Ziegler.


The class was called back together by Erika Wilson leading 171. Leaders: Greg Freed 371; Erica Martinez 336; Pat Coghlan 492; Ellen Lueck 546; Cyprian Stevens 339; Sue Lindner 535; Patrick Ziegler 445; Joanie Mitchell 288; Maggie Zhou 144; Larry Hall 34b; Anne Caswell 77t; Leah Coffin 216 (for Erik Schwab); Mark Godfrey 142; Aisha Morgan 87; Mary Ann Ciavonne 146; Dan Harper 217; Rebecca Edwards 205; Terry Moore 334; Mary O’Brien 271t; Marc Lambert 270; Leigh Cooper 340. Mary Ann Ciavonne offered the prayer before the noon meal.


The afternoon session was called to order by Dave Barber leading 31t. Leaders: Lindy Groening 183 (for Steve Helwig, Linda Domholt, and Hildy May); Greg Freed 441; Ellen Lueck 112; Erica Martinez 383; Linda Selph 430; Larry Hall 300; Patrick Ziegler and Craig Tallman 168; Maggie Zhou 121; Jack Ziegler 569b; Wren Hyde 500; Cyprian Stevens 163b; Sue Lindner 192; Pat Coghlan 528 (in memory of Steve Helwig); Anne Caswell 540; Mischa Skeeter 213t; Erika Wilson 131t (for David Fetcho); Dave Barber 498; Mary O’Brien 69t; Dan Harper 268; Leigh Cooper 269.


The class was called to order by Leah Coffin leading 56t. Leaders: Mark Godfrey 212; Erica Martinez 448t; Ellen Lueck 74b; Larry Hall 56b; Rebecca Edwards 534; Maggie Zhou 235; Terry Moore 532; Aisha Morgan 378b; Sue Lindner 475; Wren Hyde 460; Patrick Ziegler 30t; Marc Lambert 31b; Anne Caswell 410t; Pat Coghlan 272; Cyprian Stevens 38b; Mischa Skeeter 324; Linda Selph 58; Lindy Groening 223.

Mary Ann Ciavonne and Jack Ziegler led 46 as the closing song. Aisha Morgan offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Co-Chairpersons—Mary Ann Ciavonne and Jack Ziegler; Vice Chairperson—Lindy Groening; Secretary—Erika Wilson