Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Lincoln’s Birthday Singing

University of Chicago, Ida Noyes Hall, Chicago, Illinois

February 8, 1998

The sixth annual Lincoln’s Birthday Singing at the University of Chicago’s Ida Noyes Hall was called to order at 1:00 p.m. Samuel Sommers, outgoing Chairman, led song on page 176t. D.J. Hatfield, incoming Chairman, led song on page 128.

The class organized and the following officers were elected or appointed: Chairman—D.J. Hatfield; Vice Chairman—Kiri Miller; Secretaries—Kiri Miller and Mark Miller; Arranging Committee—Dean Slaton.

Leaders: Kris Richardson 187; Suzanne Flandreau 148; Daryl Mayberry 82t; Al Frank 146; Mark Miller 155; Kiri Miller 95; Janet Borman 34b; Jerry Enright 433; John Bailey 454; Dean Slaton 216; Melanie Hauff 203; Ted Johnson 142; Sue Kessell 117; Sam Farwell 31t; Connie Karduck 542; Lissa Blood 235; Joe Hickerson 300; Dave Barford 137; Jim Helke 236.


The class resumed singing with D.J. Hatfield leading song on page 87. Leaders: Debra Barford 86; Ted Mercer 217; Ted Johnson 56b; Stanley Chang 455; Nathan Barford 274t; Joe Hickerson 159; Samuel Sommers 548; Daryl Mayberry 390; Lissa Blood 385 (t? b?); Debra Barford 273; Kris Richardson 195; Melanie Hauff 215; Jerry Enright 29t; John Bailey 340; Janet Borman 515.


Kiri Miller and Susan Art (new singer) called the class to order leading song on page 378 (t? b?). Leaders: Mark Miller 183; Sam Farwell 191; Lisa Grayson 428; Jim Helke 178; Martin Pergler 202; Ted Mercer 299; Connie Karduck 391; Suzanne Flandreau 485; D.J. Hatfield 250; Dean Armstrong 434; Dave Barford 276; Sue Kessell 198; Al Frank 362b; Lisa Grayson 436; John Bailey 535; Janet Borman 547.

D.J. Hatfield led song on page 329 as the closing song, and addressed the class and many listeners who had drifted in from the Folk Festival. A special welcome was given to Joe Hickerson, a representative of the recording division of the Library of Congress. D.J. Hatfield noted the recent formation of the University of Chicago Shape Note Singing Association, which worked in partnership with the Chicago Sacred Harp Singers and the University of Chicago Folklore Society to sponsor this singing as well as the Midwest Convention. The class was dismissed with prayer by Samuel Sommers.

The specific date of the singing varies from year to year, but it is always held in conjunction with the University of Chicago Folk Festival.

Chairman—D.J. Hatfield; Vice Chairman—Kiri Miller; Secretaries—Kiri Miller and Mark Miller.