Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Uppsala Singing

Fjellstedtska Skolan, Uppsala, Sweden

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Zack Lindahl called the 2nd annual Uppsala All-Day Singing to order by leading 59. Hillevi Lasén offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Hampus Meijer 49t; Stina Söderling 30t; Hanna Flyckt 89; Sara Pakarinen 131b; Chris Affolter 112; Tristan Gordon-Windham 38b; Margaret Hunt 159; Derek Buckland 445; Oskar Kvasnes 46; Gerben Vos 111b; Helen Brown 32t; Werner Ullah 448b; Lloy Cook 452; Ted Brown 287; Kerry Cullinan 467.


The class was called back together by Zack Lindahl leading 45t. Leaders: Gerben Vos 28t; Lloy Cook 504; Kerry Cullinan 569b; Ted Brown 105; Hillevi Lasén 335; Werner Ullah 49b; Helen Brown 171; Oskar Kvasnes 52t; Derek Buckland 354t; Tristan Gordon 214; Sara Pakarinen 163t; Margaret Hunt 146; Stina Söderling 318; Chris Affolter 113. Ted Brown asked a blessing before dinner. A special thanks is due to Månika and Joakim Lindahl for organizing the kitchen.


The class was called back to order by Hampus Meijer leading 282. Leaders: Helen Brown 155; Gerben Vos 183; Lloy Cook 266; Franziska Opp 481; Oskar Kvasnes 228; Kerry Cullinan 96; Zack Lindahl 428; Hillevi Lasén 102; Derek Buckland 457; Stina Söderling 269; Ted Brown 496; Tristan Gordon 345b; Sara Pakarinen 302; Werner Ullah 29t; Helen Brown 436.


The class was called together by Hanna Flyckt leading 82t. Leaders: Tristan Gordon 236; Oskar Kvasnes 63; Mårten Mattsson 277; Sara Pakarinen 299; Ted Brown 101t; Chris Affolter 475; Lloy Cook 276; Gerben Vos 344; Franziska Opp 122; Stina Söderling 40; Derek Buckland 30b; Kerry Cullinan 466.


The class was brought back together by Zack Lindahl leading 101b. Leaders: Lloy Cook 178; Ted Brown 100; singers from Norway and Finland 501; Gerben Vos 300; Helen Brown 212; Kerry Cullinan 334; Franziska Opp 106; Derek Buckland 70b.

Zack Lindahl extended gracious thanks to all visiting singers and the officers who served. He led 62 as the closing song. The chaplain offered a concluding prayer, leaving both participants and guests with a heartfelt spirit of Christian charity and unity.

Chairman—Zack Lindahl; Secretary—Peter Gates