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Cleburne County Singing Convention

Edwardsville Baptist Church, Edwardsville, Alabama

Sunday, August 19, 2018

The 129th session of the Cleburne County Singing Convention was held at Edwardsville Baptist Church, Cleburne County, Alabama, on the third Sunday in August. Cecil Roberts welcomed the singers and visitors before leading 30t. He conducted the introductory lesson from a 1936 edition of The Sacred Harp, donated in 1942 by Med and Al Huester in memory of J.W. (Uncle Will) Laminack. This book was given with explicit instructions that this is the only time the book can be used. Ed Thacker offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Rene Greene 176b, 110; Donna Bell 36b, 84; Judy Chambless 319, 318; Margaret Thacker 108t, 480; Bert Collins 340, 274t; Christian Webb 45t, 401; Andy Ditzler 399t, 155 (for Ruth Daniel), 82b; Alex Forsyth 301.


Judy Chambless brought the class back to order leading 350. Judy offered prayer specifically for Ms. Ruth Daniel and her daughter, Sherrell Cleino. Ms. Ruth stumbled and fell over a rug this morning coming into the church and had to be taken to the hospital. It was later confirmed that her hip was broken in the fall. Leaders: Alex Forsyth 289; Nicholas Thompson 436, 100; Ed Thacker 213t, 48t; David Smead 317 (in memory of M.F. McWhorter), 310, 73t; Karen Rollins 389, 387; Tony Hammock 314, 105; Isaac Green 483, 422; Lisa Bennett 34t (for Ruth Daniel and Tom Clark), 64; Robert Chambless 452, 145b; Henry Johnson 398, 425; Jack Nelson 321, 95; Winfred Kerr 542 (for Rebecca Over), 549.


The class resumed singing with Glenda Collins leading 81t and 99. Leaders: David Brodeur 330t, 332; Fallon Dyer 146, 37b; Sheri Taylor 133, 156.

Karen Rollins conducted the memorial lesson. She mentioned the rainy day and how sad it was that Ms. Ruth had fallen earlier. Karen talked about how we sing and why we sing stating “the Bible commands us to sing, it helps our mind, body, and helps our emotions”. The sick and shut-ins honored were Ruth Daniel, Ozella Blackmon, Allen Lambert, Charlene Wallace, Eugene Forbes, Lucy Garner, Jeff McCray, and Velton Chafin. Karen mentioned that during the memorial lesson, we acknowledge our deceased singers on a list for a year following their death. Karen stated, “We remember them; today especially Stanly Edwards, Hugh McGraw, Hester Edwards, Winfred’s daddy (Henry Kerr), Rene’s daddy (Jeff Sheppard), and my daddy (Lonnie Rogers)”. She encouraged us to continue to remember deceased singers at times other than just during the memorial lesson. The deceased remembered on the list today were Daphene Causey, Darrell Swarens, Louise Holland, Agnes Roberts, Audrey Ruth Garner, Glenda Hopper, Lily Hopper, and Julia Laverack. Karen Rollins led 119. Henry Johnson offered prayer to close the memorial lesson.

Leaders: Ann Simpson 47t, 445; Barbara Brooks 457. Rev. Chris Jackson, pastor of Edwardsville Baptist Church, offered the blessing of the noon meal.


Rene Greene brought the afternoon session to order leading 294. Leaders: Andy Ditzler 511; Alex Forsyth 442; Henry Johnson 439; Glenda Collins 339; David Brodeur 335; Lisa Bennett 378t (for Ruth Daniel); Fallon Dyer 40; Tony Hammock 283; Daniel Williams 60; Ed Thacker 408; Samuel Williams 416; Nicholas Thompson 138b; David Smead 127 (for Ruth Daniel); Sheri Taylor 126; Jack Nelson 117; Robert Chambless 163b; Christian Webb 46, 47t; Bert Collins 124; Ann Simpson 388; Daniel Williams 423; Samuel Williams 534; Alex Forsyth 426t.

A business session was held to elect or appoint officers to serve for the coming year. The following officers were retained: Chairman—Cecil Roberts; Vice Chairman—Rene Greene; Secretary—Donna Bell; Arranging Officer—Judy Chambless. Edwardsville Baptist Church graciously agreed to host the 130th session of the Cleburne County Singing Convention on the third Sunday in August, 2019. The business session was closed.

Following announcements, Cecil Roberts, Judy Chambless, and Donna Bell led 47b as the closing song. Nicholas Thompson offered the closing song, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Cecil Roberts; Vice Chairman—Rene Greene; Secretary—Donna Bell