Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Eugene Singing

Central Lutheran Church, Eugene, Oregon

Saturday, August 4, 2018

The 21st annual Eugene Singing was held in the fellowship hall of Central Lutheran Church on the first Saturday in August. Karen Stingle called the class to order at 9:30 a.m., and led 171. Anne Huckins offered the invocation.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairperson—Martha Sherwood; Secretary/Treasurer—Carolyn Gilkey; Arranging Committee—Carolyn Gilkey, Dave Tobin, Rachel Foster, and Suzanne Denker; Chaplain—Anne Huckins; Memorial Committee—Dave Tobin and Paula Rogers; Planning Committee—Vicki Morgan and Karen Stingle.

Leaders: Rachel Foster 335; Dave Tobin 122; David Landazuri 85; Nancy Novotny 107; Melissa Stephenson 501; Nina Hoffman 106; Thom Fahrbach 150; Yosef Trachtenberg 30b; Hannah Field 348t; John Berendzen 349; Jack Lofton 101t; Ben Brown 472; Anne Huckins 66; Cornelia Stanton 465; Kate Fine 108t; Martha Sherwood 86; Clarissa Fetrow and Pat Coughlan 218; Sara Michener 49t.


Susan Helf brought the class back to order by leading 61. Leaders: Reed Schilbach 62; Jane Grant 373; Linda Berkemeier 421; Scott Kennedy 180; Marci Cutler 240 (NH); Karen Stingle 318; Carolyn Gilkey 475; Nina Hoffman 178; Melissa Stephenson 378b; Thom Fahrbach 430; Yosef Trachtenberg 148; David Tobin 410t; Nancy Novotny 41.

Paula Rogers and David Tobin conducted the memorial lesson, and led 474 in honor of the following sick and shut-ins: Jean Murphy, Nina Stone, Anita Engiles, Cindy B, Clare Paris, Jeremy Sherwood, Jeannette Bates-Keizer, Dan Fahrbach, and Jeremy Pickett.

Dave Tobin then led 163b in memory of the following deceased: Peggy Stahlberg, Kate Wilhelm, Dave Bischoff, Steve Helwig, Kathleen Zuelsdorf, Kathy Bain—Oregon; Barbara Ruth Willard—Arizona. Anne Huckins offered a prayer to close the memorial lesson.

Leaders: David Landazuri 39t; Hannah Fields 159; John Berendzen 506; Anne Huckins 228; Martha Sherwood 203; Cornelia Stanton 344; Kate Fine 309; Ben Brown 268. Anne Huckins asked a blessing on the food.


Martha Sherwood brought the afternoon session to order leading 34b. Leaders: Scott Kennedy 454; Jack Lofton 269; Sara Michener and Kate Fine 49b; Pat Coughlan 492; Clarissa Fetrow 196 (in memory of Steve Helwig); Audrey Karabinus 312t; Susan Helf 383; Reed Schilbach 312b; Jane Grant 510; Linda Berkemeier 566; Suzanne Denker 184; Rachel Foster 47t; David Tobin 208; Karen Stingle 496; Carolyn Gilkey 503; Marci Cutler 100; Nancy Novotny 131b; Thom Fahrbach 195; Yosef Trachtenberg 236.


Thom Fahrbach brought the class back together leading 77t. Leaders: Ben Brown 551; Clarissa Fetrow 29b; David Landazuri 479; Susan Helf 270; John Berendzen 314; Martha Sherwood 53; Melissa Stephenson and Bonnie Stimler 117; Anne Huckins 564; Cornelia Stanton 540; Kate Fine 489; Nina Hoffman 81b; Audrey Karabinus 369; Forrest Quay 130.

Reports from committees were given. Carolyn Gilkey announced that forty-four were registered for the singing and seventy-nine songs were sung. Nancy Novotny thanked everyone who made the singing a success. Anne Huckins offered the closing prayer. Martha Sherwood led 155 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Martha Sherwood; Secretary—Carolyn Flatley-Gilkey