Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Capitol City Shape Note Singing

Loeb Reception Center, 301 Columbus Street, Montgomery, Alabama

Thursday, July 19, 2018

The 32nd annual Capitol City Shape Note Singing was held on the third Thursday in July beginning at 9:30 a.m. Bill Hogan brought the class to order by leading 154b (CB). Joey Brackner welcomed the singers on behalf of the Alabama Center for Traditional Culture. Michael Panhorst welcomed everyone for the Landmarks Foundation of Montgomery, and invited everyone to tour Old Alabama Town during the day. Bill led 36b (CB). Gary Padgett offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Jack Nelson 514 (CB); Mary Huffman 31t (CB); Kevin Eddins 201 (CB); Winfred Kerr 146 (CB); Eli Eddins 47t (CB); Ann Riley 464 (CB); Cory Winters 182 (CB); Ethan Eddins 174 (CB); Rebecca Over 229 (CB); Michael Panhorst 159 (CB); Gary Padgett 349 (CH); Nancy Hogan 60 (CH); Jack Nelson 264 (CH); Rebecca Over 54 (CH); Karen Clark 189 (CH); Ken Sundberg 255 (CH); Eddie Pierce 250t (CH); Alice Sundberg 77 (CH).


Bill Hogan led 318 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Ewan Eddins 300; Wendy Anderson 145b; Cory Winters 222; Dana Eddins 503; Winfred Kerr 500; Eric Eddins 178; Mary Huffman 528; Edith Eddins 163t; Deborah Boykin 81t; Judy Chambless 475; Calum Woods 150; Jonathon Smith 383; Robert Chambless 225t; Gary Padgett 550; Wayne Jones 480.

Colored Sacred Harp Leaders: Bill Hogan 4 (CoSH); Karen Clark 12 (CoSH); Eric Eddins 39 (CoSH); Steve Grauberger 24 (CoSH); Rebecca Over 74b (CoSH); Ken Sundberg 22b (CoSH); Ewan Eddins 22t (CoSH); Stanley Smith 87 (CoSH) and “Give Me Just A Little More Time”. Bill led The Lord’s Prayer to bless the meal.


Leaders: Cory Winters 273; Pearl Guier 32t; Nathan Rees 317; Elam Eddins 297; Rebecca Over 372; Jonathan Blakely 213t; Ann Riley 186; Eddie Pierce 282; Calum Woods 283; Emily Eddins 474; Evie Eddins 426t; Jonathan Blakely 287 (CH); Nathan Rees 258 (CH); Joey Brackner 85 (CH); Jonathon Smith 190 (CH); Mary Huffman 286 (CH); Bill Hogan 245 (CH); Judy Chambless 117 (CH); Ezra Eddins 277 (CB); Tommy Spurlock and Nancy Hogan 183 (CB); Barbara Jones 276 (CB); Edith Eddins 356 (CB); Wayne Jones 58 (CB); Mary Weaver 85 (CB); Eric Eddins 47b (CB); Bill Hogan and Nancy Hogan “Hogan” (composed by Stanley Smith); Nathan Rees 140 (CB); Christopher Warren 72 (CB); Eddins family 438b (CB) (for their 6th anniversary of singing); Karen Clark 520 (CB); Jonathon Smith 497 (CB); Gary Padgett 189 (CB); Nancy Hogan 84 (CB); Ewan Eddins 192 (CB); Steve Grauberger 128 (CB); Karen Clark 573 (CB); Jonathan Blakely 67 (CB); Calum Woods 138t (CB); Cory Winters 112 (CB) (for Margaret Spurlock); Joey Brackner 209; Rebecca Over 29b (CoSH).

After announcements, Evie Eddins, Nancy Hogan, and Bill Hogan led 455t (CB) and 455b (CB) as the closing song. Bill Hogan offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Bill Hogan; Vice Chairman—Stanley Smith; Secretary—Nancy Hogan