Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Exeter Singing

Exeter Friends Meetinghouse, Douglassville, Pennsylvania

Saturday, June 16, 2018

The 18th annual Exeter All-Day Singing was held at the Exeter Friends Meetinghouse, Douglassville, Pennsylvania, on Saturday before the third Sunday in June. Theresa Rodriguez called the class to order by leading 31b.

A business meeting was held, and Dann Pell was elected chairman. Lamar Matthew offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Dann Pell 46; Kathy Carluzzo 319; Guy Bankes 77b; Ruth Wampler 489; Harry Scott 63; Elizabeth Patton 345t; Tom Tucker 510; Dale McCarthy 40; Leon Pulsinelle 50t; Barbara Hohenstein 148; Nancy Tkacs 99; Lamar Matthew 35; Katy Hunter 75; Jeff Shenk 288; Sasha Hsuczyk 436; Doron Henkin 439; Hollie Long 32t; Thomas Ward 399b; Lorah Hopkins 503 (in honor of her father, Lloyd).


Alex Forsyth called the class to order by leading 111t. Leaders: Fay Hughes 268; Eli Roberts 182; Miriam Delirium 183; Scott Robinson 49b; Ina Shea 203; Greg Law 282; Ted Stokes and Annie Hasz 65; Peggy Bright 333; Daniel Hunter 62; Bethany Towne 177; Tom Stokes 530; Rachel Hall 498; Jonathan Een Newton 275b; Doron Henkin 315.


Joel Bassett called the class to order by leading 56t. Leaders: Matt Roberts 39t; Ryan Nash 128; Judy Kaplan 229; Stephani Priskos 314; Jason Steidl 434; Maggie Luthin and Rachel Hall 59; Alex Forsyth 95; Gwen Gethner 116; Mel Novner 396; Brenda Dunlap 76b; Hal Kunkel 528; Sam Kleinman 522; Kathy Manning 384; Nicholas Thompson 336; Corinne Ducey and David Shulman 453; Charles Biada 308; Dan Miksiewicz 440; Rachel Speer 545; Tarik Wareh 89; Cheyenne Ivey 208; Hayden Arp 445. Thomas Ward offered the lunchtime prayer. During the noon recess, Lorah Hopkins led some singers to visit the 700-year-old Sacred Oak of Oley Valley.


Ted Stokes called the class to order by leading 127. Leaders: Dean Jens 276; Carol Huang 475; Mike Richards 192; Shelby Castillo 228; Laura Hodges 222; Calvin Jens 53; Rachel Stevens 330b; Nancy Mandel 329; Nicholas Thompson and Shelby Castillo 216; Gwen Gethner 564; Mel Novner 500; Cheyenne Ivey 172; Tarik Wareh 506; Kathy Manning 260; Jason Steidl 280; Corinne Ducey 511 (in honor of Gerald Clark); Joel Bassett 447; Bethany Towne 383; Jonathan Een Newton 105; Sam Kleinman 488; Ina Shea 413; Charles Biada 411.


Tom Stokes called the class to order by leading 106. Leaders: Sasha Hsuczyk 196; Hayden Arp 386; Brenda Dunlap 214; Laura Hodges and Mike Richards 309; Rachel Hall 132; Jasmine Mendoza 287; Nancy Mandel 70b; Dean Jens and Rachel Speer 69t; Kira Chase 312b; Rachel Stevens 94; Ryan Nash and Ruth Wampler 410t; Matt Roberts 112; Stephani Priskos 56b; Shelby Castillo 340; Katy Hunter and Daniel Hunter 57; Carol Huang 378b. Reports were given by the Secretary and Treasurer, and announcements were made.

Dann Pell, Doron Henkin, and Kathy Carluzzo led 323t as the closing song. Lamar Matthew offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Dann Pell; Treasurer—Doron Henkin; Secretary—Kathy Carluzzo