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Northwest Arkansas Shiloh Singing, Spring Session

St. John’s Episcopal Church, Harrison, Arkansas

Saturday, May 5, 2018

The Northwest Arkansas Shiloh Singing, Spring Session, was called to order by P. Dan Brittain with a welcome to all. He led 34b. The opening prayer was offered by Katy Black.

Leaders: Andrew Albers 378b; Katy Black 384; Syd Caldwell 203, 172; Cory Winters 479, 178; Louis Garner 573 (CB), 463 (CB); Andrew Albers 39t; Nancy Price 38b, 89; Bill Caldwell 135 (MH), 89 (MH); Margaux Burleson 177 (MH), 113 (MH); Dan Brittain 13 (MH), 75 (MH); Andrew Albers 80 (MH), 127 (MH).


Syd Caldwell brought the class back into session leading 76b. Leaders: Cory Winters 47b, 217; Sharla Hulsey 40, 35; Katy Black 100, 146; Bill Caldwell and Bill King 86, 480; Bonnie Woods and Syd Caldwell 277; Louis Garner 373; Nancy Price 498, 448t; Dan Brittain 209, 121; Margaux Burleson 448b, 95; Darryl Criss 294; Alexis Walker 335. Dan Brittain led 164 (MH) as our table grace.


Dan Brittain led 142 (MH) to bring the class back together. Leaders: Darrell Criss 117, 49b; Sharla Hulsey 487, 84; Linda Campbell and Syd Caldwell 222.

Andrew Albers began the memorial service by reading the following list of names of those who have passed away: Eloise Wootten, Caleb Allred, Floy Wilder, Johnny Chafin and Daphene Causey—Alabama; Hugh McGraw, Louise Holland, and Florice Akin—Georgia; Darrell Swarens—Indiana; Griffin Simmons—Missouri; Edith Owen—Texas; Julie Vea—Wisconsin. Syd Caldwell spoke, and led 348b in their memory.

Andrew Albers read the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Lance Phillips, Jewell Wootten, Andy Worthington, Melanie Hauff, Gail Cowart, Velton Chafin, Mary Ellen Wilkinson, Margaret Thacker, Don Bowen, Idy Kiser, Charlene Wallace, Ottis Sides, Doug Webb, Barry Robertson, and Jenni Wallace. Sid Caldwell led 500 to encourage them. Sharla Hulsey lifted them up in prayer for the closing of the memorial lesson.

Leaders: Nancy Price 72b; Bonnie Woods 344; Andrew Albers 267b (WB), 314; Cory Winters 318, 112.


Syd Caldwell brought the class back together leading 116. Leaders: Bill Caldwell 62 (MH), 138 (MH); Syd Caldwell and Anita Buswell 496; Katy Black 36b, 142; Andrew Albers 551; Syd Caldwell 472, 462; Nancy Price 313b; Syd Caldwell 481; Bill Caldwell 353. Upcoming singings were announced

Dan Brittain led 521 as the closing song. Sharla Hulsey offered the closing prayer.

In resolution, the Northwest Arkansas Shiloh Singers extend their deep appreciation and sincere thanks to B.R. Black for his many years of service producing, creatively editing and generating the newsletters and emails so necessary to maintain communication among our singing community.

Chairman—P. Dan Brittain; Vice Chairman—Andrew Albers; Secretary—Alexis Walker