Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Wootten New Year’s Eve Singing

Antioch Baptist Church, Ider, Alabama

December 31, 1997-January 1, 1998

For the most part “The Sacred Harp 1991 Edition” book was used, but some songs were used from the Cooper Book and are annotated by (CB).

The thirty-sixth annual Wootten New Year’s Eve Singing was held at Antioch Baptist Church, and was called to order by Jeffrey Wootten and Marty Wootten leading songs on pages 82t and 48t. The evening prayer was led by Dewayne Wootten. Leaders: Jeffrey Wootten and Marty Wootten 101t, 503; Terry Wootten 283, 99; Coy Ivey 120, 63; Phillip Wootten 110, 312b; Mark Brown 142, 39t; Dewayne Wootten 186, 213t; Randall Smith and Lamar Smith 36b, 76b, 137; Thurman Nall 287, 523; Jackie Tanner 47t, 299.


Marty Wootten and Jeffrey Wootten brought the class to order leading song on page 176t. Leaders: Marlon Wootten 448t; Boyd Scott 358, 127; Jeff Sheppard 461, 404, 475; Aaron Wootten 559 (CB); Eloise Wootten 222; Eloise Wootten and Lorrie Wootten 454; S. T. Reed 344 (CB); Milton Oliver 54 (CB); Susan Davis, Jennifer Wootten, and Chris Davis 56b, 29t. A blessing for refreshments was offered by Phillip Wootten.


The class was brought to order by Terry Wootten, Jeffrey Wootten, and Marty Wootten leading song on page 59. Leaders: Jeffrey Wootten and Marty Wootten 148; Levon Wootten 335, 47b, 348b; Richard Green 163t; Richard Green and Susan Green 350; Loyd Ivey 471, 438; Linda Sides 35, 75; Tony Ivey 92, 139; J. A. Mosley 542 (CB), 572 (CB); Jenny Wootten and Cassie Franklin 198, 182; Roy Nelson 392; Alice Mosley 282 (CB), 343 (CB); Louis Hughes 565; Allison Dodson and Louis Hughes 480; Shane Wootten 270, 300; Syble Adams 171, 367 (CB); Norma Latham 84 (CB), 540 (CB); Darlene Dalton 535, 277.


Jeffrey Wootten and Marty Wootten brought the class to order leading songs on pages 155 and 138b. Leaders: Cindy Franklin 410 (CB), 573 (CB); Louise Nelson 145t; Gerald Wootten 48t; Olivia Allen and Marlon Wootten 97; Terry Wootten “Gone To Rest”, “Trusting”.....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Jeffrey Wootten and Marty Wootten led 515b and “Roll On, Dark Streams”. Tony Ivey dismissed the class in prayer. The class sang “Gospel Waves” and “Where The Soul Never Dies”.

Chairmen—Jeffrey Wootten and Marty Wootten; Secretary—Shelbie Sheppard.