Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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State Line Church

Near Muscadine, Cleburne County, Alabama

Saturday, April 7, 2018

The annual Sacred Harp singing held at State Line Church in Cleburne County. Alabama, on Saturday before the second Sunday in April was called to order by Rodney Ivey leading 32t. Matt Hinton offered the opening prayer.

The class was organized by electing or appointing the following officers: Chairman—Rodney Ivey; Vice Chairman—Hayden Arp; Secretary—Judy Caudle; Arranging—Judy Chambless; Memorial—Helen Bryson.

Leaders: Rodney Ivey 35; Hayden Arp 145b; Judy Caudle 131b; Helen Bryson 428; Winfred Kerr 516; Margie Smith 31b; Jack Nelson 313t; Philip Denney 120; Robert Chambless 163b; Anna Hinton 203; Pam Nunn 318 (in memory of B.M. Smith); Don Bowen 39b (for Margaret Thacker); Rene Greene 454; Ed Thacker 269 (in memory of B.M. Smith, Jeff Sheppard, and Shelbie Sheppard); Annaliza Cull 268; Samuel Williams 267; Lisa Bennett 464 (in memory of Jeff Sheppard); David Brodeur 474; Fred Eady and his aunt, Martha 178.


The class was called together by Rodney Ivey leading 108b. Leaders: Matt Hinton 110; Andy Ditzler 530; Emily Stutzman 477; Judy Mincey 429; Keillor Mose 171 (for Tom and Edwina Unrath); Sarah Trumbore 451; Reba Windom 418; Cindy Tanner 220; Tom George 419; Vivian Rogan 282; Bruce Coates 503; Kathy Williams 466; Gary Rogan 300; David Ivey 439 (in memory of Jeff Sheppard); Beverly Coates 150; Henry Johnson 489.


Hayden Arp led 345t to bring the class back together. Leaders: Nicholas Thompson 304 (for Lisa Geist); Jerusha Wheeler 306; David Smead 308; Michele Cull 208 (in memory of Darrell Swarens); Johnathon Kelso 309 (in memory of Danny Arms).

The memorial was conducted by Helen Bryson. Helen spoke of voices and tears. She encouraged young singers to learn from elder singers, as they have wisdom to share. She continued by saying that it is okay to shed tears today and any day. Shedding tears can often provide a degree of comfort. She read the following lists of names. The sick and shut-ins included Margaret Thacker, Glenda Hopper, Curtis Owen, Myrl Jones, Ottis Sides, Paul Wilson, Clarissa Fetrow, William Futral, Virginia Futral, Margaret Keeton, Velton Chafin, Billy Allen, Idy Kiser, Tom Unrath, Edwina Unrath, and Quinn Mose. The deceased included Eloise Wootten, Daphene Causey, Lily Hopper, Verlon Stiefel, Louise Holland, Hugh McGraw, Ella Herstine Bussey, Darrell Swarens, Wally Jeffries, Steve Helwig, Edith Owen, Amy Denison, and Berkley Moore. Helen led 273, and Matt Hinton offered prayer to close the memorial service.

Leaders: Nathan Rees 227 (in memory of Floy Wilder); Shelby Castillo 197; Shane Brown 48t; Cecil Roberts 49b. Tom George asked a blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session began with Rodney Ivey leading 73t (in memory of Bud Oliver). Leaders: Sherrell Cleino 335; Don Bowen and David Ivey 517; Fallon Cook 168; Tom George and Sarah Trumbore 270; Beverly Coates and Bruce Coates 176b (for Curtis Owen); Vivian Rogan and Gary Rogan 285t; Henry Johnson, Ed Thacker, and Samuel Williams 30t; Kathy Williams, Nicholas Thompson, and Judy Caudle 434 (in memory of Daphene Causey and Louise Holland); Reba Windom, Hayden Arp, and Shelby Castillo 542; David Smead, Lisa Bennett, and Jerusha Wheeler 91; David Brodeur, Andy Ditzler, and Keillor Mose 380; Nathan Rees and Johnathon Kelso 447; Pam Nunn and Fallon Cook 137; Sherrell Cleino, Robert Chambless, and Margie Smith 225t; Anna Hinton and Matt Hinton 142; Annaliza Cull and Michele Cull 384; Emily Stutzman and Shane Brown 472.

Pam Nunn gave the financial report for State Line Church. Announcements were made.

Rodney Ivey and Henry Johnson led 521 as the closing song, and Henry Johnson dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Rodney Ivey; Vice Chairman—Hayden Arp; Secretary—Judy Caudle