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Bainbridge Island Sacred Harp Singing

Bainbridge Island Grange Hall, Bainbridge Island, Washington

Saturday, April 7, 2018

The second annual Bainbridge Island All-Day Singing was held on Saturday before the second Sunday in April. Kevin Barrans led 87 as the first song. Jim Friedrich offered the opening prayer.

The class was organized by electing or appointing the following officers and committee members: Chairman—Kevin Barrans; Chaplain—Jim Friedrich; Arranging Committee—Bob Schinske and Marie Brandis; Kitchen—Laura McMurray; Beverages—Rodman Campbell; Treasurer—Kate Fortin; Secretary—Kate Coxon. The business meeting was suspended.

Leaders: Kathy Vlach 171; Erik Schwab 531; Kim Lusk 89; Kate Fortin 77t; Rodman Campbell 495; Jim Friedrich 142; Kate Coxon 371; Clarissa Fetrow 383; David Wright 223; Nancy Novotny 187; Ana Tighe 49b; Julius Pasay 101t; Anne Huckins 472; Thom Fahrbach 138t; Laura McMurray 101b; Tom McTighe 339; Wren Hyde 270.


Lyle Lindsey called the class to order leading 384. Leaders: Bob Schinske 145t; Evelyn Lamb 498; Lindy Groening 411; Lyle Lindsey 473; Sadhbh O’Flynn 511; Kevin Barrans 317; Pat Coghlan 203; Emma Rose Brown 377; Marie Brandis 546; Sean MacPherson 55; Betsy Jeronen 573; Jennifer Jones 302; Dave Barrans 162; Steve Cackley 502; Jim Friedrich, Karen Haig, and Bill Raymond 163t; Ana Tighe 430; Laura McMurray 512; Clarissa Fetrow 86.


Sean MacPherson called the class to order leading 81t. Leaders: Thom Fahrbach 224; Nancy Novotny 172; Kate Fortin 319; Steve Cackley 105; Kathy Vlach 84; Lyle Lindsey 38t; Wren Hyde 460; Rodman Campbell 159; Anne Huckins 208; Jennifer Jones 475; Tom McTighe 368; Dave Barrans 282; Betsy Jeronen 494; David Wright 245. Jim Friedrich offered the noon blessing, and Kevin Barrans dismissed the class for dinner.


Kim Lusk called the class to order leading 82t. Leaders: Bob Schinske 340; Evelyn Lamb 287; Emma Rose Brown 138b; Julius Pasay 70b; Lindy Groening 536; Sean MacPherson 83b; Pat Coghlan 214; Kevin Barrans 204; Sadhbh O’Flynn 69b; Erik Schwab 534; Kate Coxon 286; Ana Tighe 168; Dave Barrans 63; Betsy Jeronen 436; Tom McTighe 480; Nancy Novotny 336; Thom Fahrbach 240; Kate Fortin 294; Jim Friedrich 410t; David Wright 36b.


Thom Fahrbach called the class to order leading 133. Leaders: Anne Huckins 504; Susan Fortin and Cassandra Carlson 347; Steve Cackley 505; Jennifer Jones 300; Bob Schinske 410b; Emma Rose Brown 426t; Erik Schwab 540; Julius Pasay 153; Kate Coxon 30b; Laura McMurray 230; Doug Hill 102; Sadhbh O’Flynn 440; Rodman Campbell 542; Lindy Groening 564; Kevin Barrans 419; Wren Hyde 370; Evelyn Lamb 378b.

Kevin Barrans reopened the business meeting, and asked for committee reports. The Secretary shared that there had been forty-three registered singers, thirty-two of whom were leaders, singing a total of ninety-two songs. Singers present were from six US states (Alaska, California, New York, Oregon, Utah, and Washington) and one Canadian province (British Columbia). As the resolutions committee, Emma Rose Brown and Kathy Vlach thanked the officers and volunteers and they submitted their resolutions for the approval of the class. The class approved all resolutions, and agreed to meet again in the following year. Announcements were made.

Kevin Barrans led 62 as the class took the parting hand. Jim Friedrich offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Kevin Barrans; Secretary—Kate Coxon