Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Union Primitive Baptist Church Singing

Union Primitive Baptist Church, Temple, Georgia

Saturday, March 10, 2018

The first Sacred Harp singing held at Union Primitive Baptist Church began at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday before the second Sunday in March. Daniel Williams called the class to order leading 48t. Cecil Roberts offered the opening prayer. The following officers were elected: Chairman—Daniel Williams; Vice Chairman—Samuel Williams; Secretary—Andy Ditzler. David Brodeur was appointed to arrange.

Leaders: Daniel Williams and Samuel Williams 312b; Andy Ditzler 33t; David Brodeur 154; Philip Denney 61; Winfred Kerr 500; Cecil Roberts 58; Esther Williams 159; Tony Hammock 77t; Tim Williams 350; Robert Chambless 84; Fallon Cook 63; Fred Eady 209; Emmadean Williams 335; John Plunkett 471; Helen Bryson 313b; Judy Chambless 531; Virginia Dyer 112, 120.


Daniel Williams called the class back to order leading 360. Leaders: Oscar McGuire 515; Samuel Williams 411; Karen Rollins 345t (in memory of Louise Holland); Isaac Green 493; Nathan Rees 56t; Daniel Edwards 47b; Anna Hinton 455; Glenda Collins and Bert Collins 454; Shane Brown 487; Erica Hinton 39t; Henry Johnson 70b; Matt Hinton 70t; Amber Davis 422; Joyce Heath 64; Richard DeLong 123b; Andy Ditzler 324; David Brodeur 162; Philip Denney 129. Larry Andrews offered the blessing before lunch.


Richard DeLong called the class back to order leading 74t. Leaders: Fred Eady 236; Oscar McGuire 485; Nathan Rees 276 (for Kathy Williams); Leanne Carter 68b; Tony Hammock 131t; Amber Davis 142; Helen Bryson 522; Eli Hinton 148; Chance Cook 192; Shane Brown 62; Henry Johnson 206; Judy Chambless 222; Larry Andrews, Joyce Heath, and Richard DeLong 101t; Isaac Green and Fallon Cook 426b; Robert Chambless 333 (LD); Cecil Roberts 163b; Karen Rollins 168.

It was resolved to meet again next year at this location. After announcements, Daniel Williams, Samuel Williams, and Andy Ditzler led 426t as the closing song. Philip Denney offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Daniel Williams; Vice Chairman—Samuel Williams; Secretary—Andy Ditzler