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West Yorkshire Sacred Harp Day

Haworth Methodist Church,
Haworth, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The 15th annual West Yorkshire Sacred Harp Day was held at Haworth Methodist Church, in the United Kingdom, on Saturday before the third Sunday in November. Chris Brown began the day by leading 47t. John Hopkinson said an opening prayer.

Leaders: Chris Brown 31b; Phil Tyler 89; Karen Turner 34b; Calum Woods 36b; Vicki Elliott 29t; Joe Vickers 32t; Helen Brown 421; Claire Welford 114; Emily Verrier 142; Richard Mayers 102; Cath Ingham 30t; Michael Walker 225t; Kathy Williams 37b; Myfanwy Reynolds 448t; Fynn Titford-Mock 121; Lin James 448b; Aldo Ceresa 214; Fred Langridge 63; George Simms 551; Liz Lawson 503; Ali Wilcox 99.


Calum Woods called the class to order leading 81t. Leaders: Derek Buckland 48t; Joy Spreadborough 178; Mike Upton 31t; Carmen Gordon 440; Helen Brown 61; Josh Land 383; Anna Baldini 86; Chris Brown 447; Di Elliott 313b; Fynn Titford-Mock 229.

Helen Brown conducted the memorial lesson and read the following names of the deceased: Jimmy Balfour—Glenrothes; Don Grimshaw—Southampton; Ros Taylor—St John’s Chapel; Norman Johnson—Blaydon; Gordon Hoyland—Sheffield; Winifred Elliott—Bolton; Jean MacDonald and Donald MacDonald—Derby; Jimmie Steele—Newcastle; Mandy Spry and Bob Deacon—Hebden Bridge; Chris Wilcocks—Ripon; Gravis Ballinger—Alabama, USA; Edith Owen—Texas, USA; Hugh McGraw—Georgia, USA; Daniel Evans—Colorado, USA.

Helen also spoke for the following sick and housebound: Curtis Owen, Melanie Hauff, Joe McPartland, Rev. Michael Pain, Ted Brown, Hannah Land, Toby Boyes, Kit Yip, Sister Pippa, Betty James, John Sewell, and Dave Elliott. Kathy Williams then spoke about Hugh McGraw and his work for the Sacred Harp Community in America and Europe. Kathy and Helen led 500. The memorial service was closed with prayer.

Leaders: Vicki Elliott 69t; Emily Verrier 340; Richard Mayers 300; Claire Welford 270. Karen Turner gave thanks for the noon meal.


Joe Vickers called the class back to order by leading 101t. Leaders: Karen Turner 217; George Simms 68b; Liz Lawson 66; Aldo Ceresa and Margaret Gillanders 475; Lin James 474; Fred Langridge 155; Ali Wilcox 344; Phil Tyler 442; Myfanwy Reynolds 168; Kathy Williams 517; Michael Walker 306; Cath Ingham 277; Joe Vickers 460; Derek Buckland 35; Carmen Gordon 183; Fynn Titford-Mock 278b; Colin Higgins 296; Joy Spreadborough 496; Emily Verrier and Amy 159; Calum Woods 428; Claire Welford 212; Richard Mayers 117; Helen Brown 436; Aldo Ceresa and Matt 216; Kathy Williams 273; Michael Walker 207.


Phil Tyler called the class to order leading 186. Leaders: Karen Turner 354t; Nigel Bowley 47b; Joy Spreadborough 452; Michael Walker 406; Mike Upton 268; Joe Vickers 378b; Ali Wilcox 497; Fynn Titford-Mock 565; Calum Woods 348b; Aldo Ceresa 399b; Kathy Williams 472. Chris Brown reminded the class about the opportunities available at Camp Fasola Europe in 2018, and urged people to attend.

Chris Brown and Judy Whiting led 323t as the closing song. Calum Woods offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Chris Brown; Vice Chairman—Judy Whiting; Secretary—Margaret Gillanders