Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Southern Wisconsin Singing

Bethany United Methodist Church, Madison, Wisconsin

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The 31st annual Southern Wisconsin All-Day Singing was held at Bethany United Methodist Church on Saturday before the second Sunday in November. Nancy Parsons called the class to order leading 274t. David Hoffelt offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Carl Houtman 171; Thad Walker 228; Marjorie Matthews 198; David Hoffelt 169; Dick Patterson 474; Debbie Barford 112; Carol Crawford 49t; Eileen Ferguson 36b; Presley Barker 505; Anna Pfau 168; Barb Patterson 573; Laura Densmore 315 (in memory of Julie Vea); Annaleigh Smith 272; Bruce Western 85; Noelle Copeland 160b; James Page and family 216; Kate Wallenstein 268; Erica Detemmerman 312b.

The following officers or committee members were elected to serve: Chairman—Jim Crawford; Arranging Committee—James Page; Finance Committee—Marjorie Matthews; Memorial Committee—Sarah Reed, Terese Hoffelt and David Hoffelt; Chaplain—David Hoffelt; Secretary—Carole Briggs.


Ginny Landgraf called the class to order leading 70b. Leaders: Barbara Chopin 178; David Barford 56b; Ari Pollack 547; Penny Kujawinski 284 (in memory of Julie Vea); Sam Singleton-Freeman 497; Jeanette Nelson 384; Michael Moore 460; Lori Graber 389.

Sarah Reed, Terese Hoffelt, and David Hoffelt conducted the memorial lesson. Sarah led 84 for the following sick and shut-ins: Dick Dunagan, Val Dunagan, Berkley Moore, Frank Fraembs, Janet Fraembs, Peggy Brayfield, Melanie Hauff, Christine Stevens, Marion Trost, Michael Appert, and Daniel Stabaugh.

David and Terese Hoffelt read Shakespeare’s Sonnet 15 in memory of the following deceased: Colette Miller and Charles Wells—Minnesota; Julie Vea, Donald Trost, Nancy Becknell, and Peter Canright—Wisconsin; Jack Armstrong—Rhode Island; Hanna Parsons—New York; Michael Levine—New Jersey; Kathryn Moore—Iowa; Zara Spence Ellison—Illinois and United Kingdom; Lenore Levin Wollbarsht—Massachusetts; Hugh McGraw, Johnny Lee, and Delorese Lee—Georgia; Les Sontag and John Meeks—Illinois; John Bayer—Ohio; Michael Bush—Kentucky; Darrell Fasching and Connie Canright—Florida. The Chaplain closed the memorial service with prayer.

Leaders: Francis Gurtz 436; Hans Guttman 480; Joel Menk 406; Myles Alexander 538; Jim Pfau 318; Wendy Popp 472; Jacob Kiakahi 441; Judy Hauff 218. The Chaplain offered prayer before the noon meal.


Jim Crawford called the class to order leading 87. Leaders: Eleanor Haase 352; Lou Kujawinski 515; Daniel Braithwaite 531; Terry Hogg 549; Scott Schroeder 155; Kit Canright 99; Kathy Kaiser 142; Karen Swenson 556; Cathy Lutz 282; Stacey Berkheimer 528; Marjorie Matthews 369; Rochelle Lodder 313b; Paul Wyatt 330b; Ginny Landgraf 433; Denise Kania 456; Ben Copenhaver 431.

The Chairman thanked everyone who made the singing a success. Announcements were made. The Chaplain offered the closing prayer.


The class held a memorial singing for Julie Vea. Speakers: Ted Mercer, Lisa Grayson, Laura Densmore, Johanna Fabke, Scott Schroeder, Noelle Copeland, and Anna Pfau. Leaders: Jim Crawford and Carol Crawford 106; Laura Densmore 549; Lisa Grayson 419; John Seaton 47t; Johanna Fabke 83t; Jan Ketelle 368; Paul Landskroener 340; Jim Crawford and Carol Crawford 105; Myles Alexander 148; Debbie Barford 137; Noelle Copeland 290; Jim Pfau 146; Anna Pfau 216. Andria Blattner thanked all who came. Jim Crawford and Carol Crawford led 347 as the closing song.

Chairman—Jim Crawford; Secretary—Carole Briggs