Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Maidencreek Singing

Leesport, Pennsylvania

Saturday, September 2, 2017

The 22nd annual Maidencreek All-Day Singing was held on Saturday before Labor Day at the Maidencreek Friends Meeting House. Alex Forsyth called the class to order by leading 303. Don Jantzi offered the opening prayer.

A business meeting was conducted and the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Sasha Hsuczyk; Vice Chairman—Peter Frank; Treasurer—Dan Miksiewicz; Secretary—Ruth Wampler.

Sasha Hsuczyk welcomed everyone and made opening remarks, after which she led 60. Leaders: Ruth Wampler 119; Joel Bassett 492; Theresa Rodriguez 454; Elizabeth Patton 458; Ina Shea 326; Nancy Tkacs 81t; Dann Pell 439; Lamar Matthew 388; Krista Guerrieri 162; Dale McCarthy 117; Jeff Shenk 460; Francesca Farrisi 503; Thomas Ward 100; Guy Bankes 120; Tom Stokes 275b; Leon Pulsinelle 387.


Jackson Fleder called the class back to order by leading 42. Rachel Hall led the German lesson, with remarks about “Vee Varts So Harrlich Sei”. Roland Hutchinson reviewed the pronunciation prior to the class singing the song.

Leaders: Dan Hunter 453; Rebecca Rohrer 270; Brian How 183; Katie Kellert 547; Buck Wanner 89; Katie White 504; Will Fesperman 217; Cora Wareh 367; Terry Ryan 532; Dan Miksiewicz 216; Roland Hutchinson 250; Gerry Hoffman 376.


Sasha Hsuczyk led 345b to call the class back to order. Leaders: Doron Henkin 71; Corinne Ducey 176t; Gary Ryan 34t; Molly Dektar 129; Ben Sachs-Hamilton 40; Gwen Gethner 548; Al McCready 227.

Leon Pulsinelle led 56b in honor of the following sick and shut-ins: Chris Holley, Judy Clum, Gregory Smith, Julie Vea, Ron Bornick, Margaret Bornick, Katrina Miodek, Paula Picton, and Stephanie Hemmelings.

Gedney Barclay conducted the memorial lesson, and led 337 in memory of the following deceased: Skip Trout, Michael Sensor, Cynthia Mason, Jean Comfort, Robert Germany—Pennsylvania; Eloise Wootten—Alabama; Bill Horvitz and Peter Abraham—California; B.M. Smith and Hugh McGraw—Georgia; Toby Strout—Indiana; Mark Mayweather—Massachusetts; Charles Wells, Collette Miller, and Edward Swetman—Minnesota; Albert Whittaker—New Hampshire; Bill Mates—New Jersey; Barbara Bell—New York; John Bayer—Ohio; Ann Sayvetz—Washington; Michael Rowe. Joel Bassett closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Tarik Wareh 370; Emma Rose Brown 30t; Charles Biada 278t; Liora O’Donnell Goldensher 475; Joshua Barnett 472; Nancy Mandel 410b; Sam Kleinman 302. Hollie Long asked the blessing over the food before the noon meal.


The class was called to order by Ted Stokes, who led 121. Leaders: Hal Kunkel 187; Carol Huang 228; Laura Hodges 377; Ian Quinn 500; Becky Wright 456; Aldo Ceresa 528; Barbara Swetman 224; Kevin Beirne 434; Pattie Wareh 299; Jackson Fleder 296; Cheri Haire 215; Micah John Walter and Anna Rose Walter 99; Judy Contompasis 335; Faiz Wareh 573; Angharad Davis 304; Patrick Friesen 225b; Robin Banerji 436; Stefani Priskos 440; Mike Richards 166; Jason Steidl 498.


Aaron Weiss called the class to order by leading 145b. Leaders: Laura Densmore 384; Nicholas Tuff 313b; Sharon Strong 567; Peter Pate 269; Alice Beattie 411; Julius Pasay 312b; Jasmine Mendoza 35; Tom Ivey 31t; Gina Balestracci 315; G.C. Waldrep 419; Chris Geissler 168; Kass Urban-Mead 159; Maria Cramer 38b; Dennis Leipold 300; Jim Glaser 569t; Sonia Chin and Cecil Cook 47b; L.J. Brubaker 277; Myles Louis Dakan 435; Lorah Hopkins 455; Katy Hunter 108b.

Resolutions were given by Jackson Fleder and Emma Rose Brown, followed by announcements. The Secretary reported that ninety-one leaders from thirteen states, British Columbia, and Washington, D.C. led ninety-one songs and 123 people were registered.

Sasha Hsuczyk, Peter Frank, Ruth Wampler, and Dan Miksiewicz led 62 as the closing song. Ted Stokes offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Sasha Hsuczyk; Vice Chairman—Peter Frank; Secretary—Ruth Wampler