Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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East Kentucky Singing

Calvary Campus, Letcher, Kentucky

Saturday, August 12, 2017

The first East Kentucky All-Day Singing at Calvary Campus was held on the second Saturday in August. Paul Adams called the class to order leading a lined-out version of “Precious Memories”. The morning prayer was offered by Joseph Crouse.

The following officers were elected: Chairman—Ben Fink; Vice Chairpersons—Zelma Forbes and Gwen Johnson; Arranging Committee—AuCo Lai and Laura Densmore; Secretary/Treasurer—Stephanie Devine; Chaplain—Joseph Crouse.

Leaders: Ben Fink 128; Gwen Johnson 159; Zelma Forbes 45t; Ray Turner 300; Dolores Holbrook 457; Ron Pen 146; Aaron Jones 29b; Linda Coppal 142; Eddie Mash 365; Greta Combs 148; Jim Coppock 147t; Donna Kwon 497; Evan Druce 480.


Tim Morton called the class back to order. Leaders: Aaron Jones 68b; Mary Brinkman 313b; Zachary Davis 334; Leslie Booher 274b; Greg Creech 33b; Barbara Hoenstein 504; Curtis Cook 350; Janell Draper 74b; John Plunkett 492; Laura Densmore 315; David Carlton 183; Bev Carlile 133; Kevin Bullock 562; Stephanie Devine 155; Ben Fink and Stephanie Devine 299.


John Hoerr called the class back to order leading 186. Leaders: Erin Fulton 33t; JR Hardman 512; John Hoerr 162; Tim Morton 548; Donna Kwon 47b; Ron Pen 455; Delores Holbrook 282; Ben Fink 254; Greta Combs 454; Paul Adams 268; AuCo Lai and Keith Sansoni 270.


Delores Holbrook, Brandon Fleming, Zelma Forbes, and Ben Fink called the class back to order leading “Marching to Zion”. Leaders: Chris Wilhelm 474; Brandon Fleming 34b; Ray Turner 523; Leslie Booher 163b; Greg Creech 86; Kevin Bullock 448t; Laura Densmore 542; John Plunkett 53; Barbara Hoenstein 515; Eddie Mash 556; JR Hardman 456; David Carlton 272; Curtis Cook 178; Janell Draper 228; Evan Druce 312b; Linda Coppell 114; Beth Garfinkel 188; Aaron Jones 209.


The officers of the singing called the class back to order leading “Sweet Beulah Land”. Leaders: Zachary Davis 56b; AuCo Lai 82t; Barbara Hoenstein 444; Zelma Forbes 36t; Chris Wilhelm 500; Laura Densmore 201; Kevin Bullock 344; JR Hardman 112; Eddie Mash 383; John Plunkett 446.

Leslie Booher led 473 as the closing song. Joseph Crouse offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Ben Fink; Vice Chairpersons—Zelma Forbes and Gwen Johnson; Secretary—Stephanie Devine