Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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New York State Sacred Harp Convention

Ithaca, New York

October 17-18, 1997

Friday, October 17

The ninth annual New York State Convention was called to order on Friday evening by Eric Bean leading song on page 87. George Seiler led the opening prayer. Eric Bean then led song on page 47t and welcomed everyone to the convention.

Leaders: Jean Seiler 34b; Roland Hutchinson 479; Howard Katz 492; Paula McGray 295; Gina Balestracci 28t; Allen Fannin 112; Richard Schmeidler 155; Diane Mennella 229; Bruce Randall 300; Barbara Swetman 318; Dan Hertzler 287; Ginnie Ely 391; Bill Holt 217; Bob Parr 50t; Dennis Leipold 189; Donna Abrahams with Joni Seidenstein 192; Guy Bankes 276; George Seiler 268; Laura Densmore 99; Dan Brittain 304; Scott Luscombe 497; Bill Stephens 30t; Linda Delfs 31t; Burage Olsen and Linda Delfs 28b.


The class reassembled with Eric Bean leading song on page 324. Leaders: Susan Bingham 46; Ron Bornick 159; Kathleen Hepburn 45t; Margaret Bornick 107; Diane Stebbins 63; Howard Katz 220; Linda Delfs 400; Paula McGray with Jean Jackson 72b; Gina Balestracci 73t; Diane Mennella 336; Bruce Randall 142; Barbara Swetman 196; Dan Hertzler 183; Ginnie Ely 328; Bill Holt 419; Bob Parr 475; Dennis Leipold 480; Donna Abrahams 66; Guy Bankes 68b; Burage Olsen 191; Laura Densmore 228; George Seiler 178. The closing prayer was given by George Seiler.

Saturday, October 18

The class reassembled with Dan Brittain leading song on page 31t. George Seiler gave the opening prayer.

Dan Brittain conducted the singing school leading songs on pages 29t, 59, 445, 408, 73t, 482, 302, 434, 488, 441. Comparisons were made between the Sacred Harp and 5th edition 1909 (J. L. White). Dan Brittain led songs 28b—“Wells” (5th), 31t—“Ninety-Third Psalm” (5th), 82t, 456, 387, 329, 291, 454, 447, 460, 240, 227, 225 (t? b?), 68b, 399b.


The afternoon session was called together with Eric Bean leading songs on pages 49t and 433. Leaders: Ginny Huszagh 142; Chris Haller 351; Janet Shipman 178; Hal Kunkel 317; Kathy Forrest 47t; Jason Law 122; Allen Fannin 495; Linda Delfs 179; Margaret Bornick 236; Scott Luscombe 195; Laura Densmore 350.

The memorial lesson was given by Jean Seiler leading song on page 66 in memory of: Jeremy Werbin, Arthur Stauffer, Peter Kahn, John Hayward, Rick Palmer, and Jean DePalma—New York; Madolin McGray—Massachusetts; Julian Bruner and Clarke Wilson—Iowa; John Lundgren—Pennsylvania; Quay Smathers—North Carolina. Dianne Mennella led song on page 86 for the sick and shut-in: Susan Wantland and Tom Padwa—Maryland; Mary Hulburt—Virgina; Ann Beasley Ballard—Alabama; Shirley Wensman—Minnesota; Harriet Henry—New York; Jane Williamson MacDonald—Maine; Lucy Goodhue—Massachusetts; Laura Budai—Tennessee. Jean Seiler led song on page 285 (t? b?). George Seiler closed the memorial lesson with prayer.


The afternoon session resumed with Eric Bean leading song on page 148. Leaders: Gina Balestracci 173; Dennis Leipold 132; Richard Schmeidler 474; Kathy Chillemi 146; Tim Brown 38t; George Seiler 168; Ron Bornick 299; Dan Brittain 513; Ginnie Ely 454; Dan Hertzler 430; Susan Bingham 455; Roland Hutchinson 504; Howard Katz 203; Jean Seiler 200; Paula McGray 408; Diane Mennella 436; Bill Holt 224; Bruce Randall 212; Barbara Swetman 354b; Bob Parr 502; Donna Abrahams 440; Guy Bankes 344; Burage Olsen 479; Chris Haller 56b; Jason Law 49b.


Eric Bean brought the class together leading song on page 312b. Leaders: Hal Kunkel 491; Janet Shipman 198; Allen Fannin 442; Ginny Huszagh 217; Kathy Forrest 155; Linda Delfs 551; Scott Luscombe 573; Laura Densmore 542; Dennis Leipold 532.

A count by state was taken: Massachusetts-5; New Hampshire-1; New Jersey-3; New York-38; Pennsylvania-4; Vermont-2; DC-1. First-timers: 10-12.

Leaders: Gina Balestracci 106; Richard Schmeidler 84; Margaret Bornick 313 (t? b?); Kathy Chillemi 31t; Tim Brown 143; George Seiler 347; Ron Bornick 277; Ginnie Ely 196; Dan Hertzler 38b; Susan Bingham 209; Roland Hutchinson 553; Jean Seiler 569 (t? b?); Howard Katz 362; Diane Mennella 73b; Paula McGray 134; Bill Holt 211.


The evening class began with new songs.

Leaders: Hal Kunkel “Shepherd’s Joy” (Kunkel); Roland Hutchinson “Ussher” or “The World’s Birth-Day”; Scott Luscombe “Brill” (Luscombe); Bruce Randall “Leeds” (Randall); Linda Delfs “Brier Island” (Henkin); Gina Ballestracci “Hallelujah New” (Hutchinson). Announcements of future singings were made. The class continued with Eric Bean leading song on page 70b. Leaders: Barbara Swetman 87; Christopher Wesolowski 107; Donna Abrahams and Gina Balestracci 365; Bob Parr 270; Guy Bankes 481; Chris Haller 523; Janet Shipman 180; Allen Fannin 340; Kathy Forrest 268; Laura Densmore 528; Dennis Leipold 254; Margaret Bornick 24b; Kathy Chillemi 40; Tim Brown 361; Ron Bornick 186; George Seiler 480; Ginnie Ely 273; Donna Abrahams 272; Dan Hertzler 547; Susan Bingham 159.

Richard Schmeidler of the Resolutions Committee then thanked all those involved with various aspects of the convention.

Eric Bean led song on page 62 and those who wished took the parting hand. George Seiler then closed the convention with prayer.

Submitted by: Jennifer Cook.