Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Washington Sacred Harp Singing

Washington United Methodist Church, Washington, Arkansas

Saturday, May 20, 2017

With the absence of last year’s officers, Dan Brittain called the class to order leading 31b. Rev. Keenan Williams welcomed the class, and talked a little about the history of Washington Methodist Church, and then offered the opening prayer.

The class agreed on the following officers to serve: Chairman—Dan Brittain; Secretary—Gaylon Powell; Chaplain—Rev. Keenan Williams.

Leaders: Dan Brittain 68b; Gaylon Powell 76b (CB), 323b (CB); Eddie Huckaby 178, 288; Cory Winters 106, 222; Sonya Kirkham 559 (CB), 54t (CB); Joan Smith 47b (CB), 558 (CB); Chris Nicholson 293b (CB), 507b (CB); Kristie Powell 341 (CB), 210 (CB); Peggy Ray 572 (CB), 264b (CB).


Dan Brittain called the class back to order leading 81t and 345b. Leaders: Keenan Williams 59 (CB); Gaylon Powell 45t (with Mary McCulloch, who is a great-great granddaughter of B.F. White), 235; Eddie Huckaby 42, 410t; Cory Winters 344, 142; Sonya Kirkham 133, 124.


Dan Brittain called the class back to order leading 315 (CB). Leaders: Joan Smith 395b (CB), 100 (CB); Chris Nicholson 473, 182; Kristie Powell 500, 564; Peggy Ray 143, 569b; Keenan Williams 587 (CB); Gaylon Powell 232 (CB), 235 (CB); Eddie Huckaby 448b, 49b.


Dan Brittain called the class back to order leading 266. Leaders: Cory Winters 472, 112; Sonya Kirkham 392 (CB), 463 (CB); Joan Smith 442t (CB), 225t (CB); Chris Nicholson, Gaylon Powell, and Kristie Powell 393 (CB) (in memory of Jane Goforth), 264t (CB); Kristie Powell 514 (CB), 138t (CB); Peggy Ray 573 (CB), 64 (CB); Keenan Williams 505 (CB); Eddie Huckaby and Kristie Powell 65; Cory Winters and Sonya Kirkham 358; Dan Brittain, Keenan Williams, and Janice Huckaby 268; Joan Smith and Gaylon Powell 49t (CB); Chris Nicholson and Peggy Ray 99 (CB).

After announcements, Dan Brittain led 69t as the closing song. Rev. Keenan Williams dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Dan Brittain; Secretary—Gaylon Powell