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Oliver Kindig-Stokes Memorial Singing

York Friends Meeting House, York, Pennsylvania

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The 2nd annual Oliver Kindig-Stokes Memorial Singing was held on the fourth Saturday in April at the York Friends Meeting House, York, Pennsylvania. The singing would have been the 10th annual singing held at York, and was renamed in 2016 after the death of one of its founders, Oliver Kindig-Stokes. Sandy Cryder called the class to order by leading 171. Ruth Wampler offered the opening prayer.

A business meeting was called to order, and the following officers were elected: Chairman—Bethany Towne; Vice Chairman—Corinne Ducey; Treasurer—Rachel Hall; Secretary—Sonia Chin. Bethany Towne, the incoming chairman, welcomed everyone and led 303.

Leaders: Sonia Chin 319; Rachel Hall 35; Sasha Hsuczyk 76b; Lamar Matthew 388; Thomas Benedict 146; Elizabeth Patton 90; Theresa Rodriguez 290; Clare Chapin 486; Ina Shea 236 (in memory of Michael Sensor); Matthew Kaufman 477; Forrest Quay 545; Colleen Hayes 47b; Doron Henkin 53; Nancy Tkacs 135; Ruth Wampler 489.


Tom Tucker called the class back to order leading 82t. Leaders: Ben Cocchiaro 436; Daniel Miksiewicz 68b; Elizabeth Pilar 349; Harry Scott 217; Laura Densmore 315; Leon Pulsinelle 189; Sonia Chin 187 (for Leilani Richardson); Erin Kelly 81t; Katie White 52t; Jim Strube 198; Anna Melton 496; Scott Robinson 410t; Gina Balestracci 506; Rachel Hall 213t; Susan Greenberg 442.


Alex Forsyth called the class back together leading 145b. Leaders: Ted Stokes 330t; Jeff Shenk 282; Rachel Speer 432; Kathy Manning 546; Nancy Mandel 379; John delRe 30b; Brenda Dunlap 118; Ben Sachs-Hamilton 417; Corinne Ducey 530; Bill Beverly 547; Nora Miller 488; Myles Louis Dakan 57; Gedney Barclay 270; Kelly Macklin 485; Aaron Weiss 268. Aaron Weiss offered a prayer before the noon meal.


The class was brought back to order by Ruth Wampler and Sasha Hsuczyk leading 145t. Leaders: Alex Forsyth 296; Jessica Keyes 212; Mike Richards 392; Michael Nord 434; Justin Bowen 348b; Liz Cantrell 269; Nathan Rees 377; Gerry Hoffman 242; Ben Hartland 26; Joel Miller 404; Dean Jens 203; Roland Hutchinson 553; Martha Beverly 504; Kelly Macklin and Leon Pulsinelle 464; Patrick Friesen 172; Laura Hodges 302; Myles Louis Dakan and Ben Sachs-Hamilton 324; Aaron Weiss 448t; Hal Kunkel 536; Gedney Barclay 208.


The singing resumed with Doron Henkin leading 85. Leaders: Dann Pell 456; Thomas Ward 344; Rachel Speer and Jim Hersey 245; Bethany Towne 162; Laura Hodges and Liz Cantrell 192; Krista Guerrieri 454; Molly Sauder 569b; Deanna Robbins 107; Patrick Friesen and Mike Richards 151; Justin Bowen and Nathan Rees 418; Kaysha McKim and Leyland delRe 466; Ina Shea, Erin Kelly, Colleen Hayes, Susan Munch, and other kitchen volunteers 312b; Mike Nord 408; Martha Beverly and Bill Beverly 163b; Kathy Manning 181; Dan Hunter 482.

In a business meeting, Nancy Mandel delivered resolutions, resolving to meet again on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in April, 2018.

In closing, 62 was sung as the class took the parting hand. Corinne Ducey offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Bethany Towne; Vice Chairman—Corinne Ducey; Secretary—Sonia Chin