Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Antioch Baptist Church Singing

Ider, Alabama

Sunday, April 9, 2017

The annual Sacred Harp singing held at Antioch Baptist Church, Ider, Alabama, was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Shane Wootten and Jamey Wootten leading 82t. Shane Wootten, Jamey Wootten, and Chris Boggs led 47t. Chris Boggs offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Aaron Wootten 101t; Colby Brown and Kennedy Brown 76b; Colby Brown, Kennedy Brown, and Jeffrey Wootten 460; Elijah Boggs 551; Ed Thacker and Margaret Thacker 426t; Sarah Wootten 293; Steven Miller 127; Stacy Wootten and Luchie Wootten 330t, 101b; Linton Ballinger 299; Julie Lee and Clarke Lee 87, 29t; Hayden Wootten and Cole Wootten 565, 445; Jerry Creason 313b; Veneta Wootten, Stacey Pilcher, and Susan Pilcher 196; Cheyenne Ivey and Shane Wootten 376; Myra Dalton and Jamie Dalton 126.


Shane Wootten and Jeffery Wootten led 89 to bring the class together. Leaders: Drew McGuire 349; Daniel Lee 410t; Eschol Hughes 456; Laura Densmore 542; David Light 436; Roberta Strauss 209; Claudene Townson, Raven Townson, Dani Townson, Chase Townson, Heath Townson, Tiffany Townson, Kash Townson, Sophie Townson, Phil Townson, David Townson, Sherri Townson, Danette Townson, Logan Townson, Cole Farrow, and Jacob Smith 448t, 68b; Kathy Manning 313t; Amy Daniel and Tony Schrader 48t; Shirley Figura 318; Isaac Lloyd 284; Lydia Lewallen 330b; Amanda Stewart, Patricia Wootten, and Marty Wootten “Pass Me Not” (in memory of Levon Wootten); Amanda Stewart, Patricia Wootten, Marty Wootten, Jamey Wootten, Hayden Wootten, and Jarrod Wootten 128 (for Dakota Garner); Pam Wilkerson 163t; Chris Ryan 434.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Shane Wootten. He spoke, and read the following list of names of the deceased: Charlie Derleth—Missouri; Les Sontag and Janelle Davis—Illinois; Earlis McGraw, B.M. Smith, Johnny Lee, and Delorese Lee—Georgia; S.T. Reed, Toney Smith, Lavoy Smith, Carl Frame, Levon Wootten, Gravis Ballinger, Steve Adams, and Kermit Adams—Alabama; John Bayer—Ohio; and Collette Miller—Minnesota;

Shane read the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Judy Whiting, Chris Brown, Jewel Wootten, Karen Rollins, Rachel Rogers, and Eugene Forbes. He led 348b. Phil Summerlin closed the memorial service with prayer.

Leaders: Alex Forsyth 285t; Jamey Wootten and Anna Wootten 421; Eddie Mash 125; Tollie Lee 30t; Isaac Stiefel 319; Will Fitzgerald 56b; Nathan Stewart 189. Jeremy Wootten asked a blessing before the noon meal.


The class was called back to order by Shane Wootten and Jamey Wootten leading 56t. Leaders: David Saylors and Teresa Saylors 203; Sierra Saylors and Gus Carter 67; Sierra Saylors and Sasha Hsuczyk 142; Syble Adams and Rhonda 572 (CB); David Lee 47b; Louis Hughes 496; Justin Bowen 328; Dennis George and Tom George 275b; Mel Kersey 50b; Reba Windham and Shelby Castillo 224; Paul Figura 290; David Killingsworth 30b; Henry Johnson 418; Chris Boggs, Terry Wootten, Dewayne Wootten, and Marty Wootten 176t; Malachi Lloyd, Gideon Lloyd, and Ezra Lloyd 84, 282; Elyssa Lloyd, Havilah Lloyd, and Isaac Lloyd 448b; Karalina Mann, Kaylee Mann, and Carly Mann 354b; Susan Cherones 564; Rodney Ivey and David Ivey 465 (CB); Phil Summerlin 213t; Marty Wootten and Jared Wootten 441; Sasha Hsuczyk 138b; Linda Thomas and Shane Wootten 571 (CB) (for Jewel Wootten); Jenny Mann 559 (CB); Scott Ivey, Loyd Ivey, Eloise Ivey, and Lorrie Ivey 454; Brenda Carroll, Shane Wootten, and Jenny Mann 384; Nate Green and Norma Green 425; Kaylee Mann, Carly Mann, Karolina Mann, and Jenny Mann sang a special song.

Announcements were made. Shane Wootten and Jamey Wootten led 146 as the closing song. Eddie Mash offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Co-Chairmen—Shane Wootten and Jamey Wootten; Secretary—Teresa Saylors