Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Old Sardis Church

Near Lynn, Alabama (County Road 17)

October 5, 1997

The thirty-ninth session of the annual Sacred Harp singing was held at Old Sardis Church on the first Sunday in October, and was called to order by Travis Keeton leading song on page 111b. The morning prayer was led by Homer Miles.

The class elected or appointed the following officers: Chairman—Steve Miles; Vice Chairman—Travis Keeton; Secretary—Josie Hyde; Arranging Committee—John Hyde.

Travis Keeton led song on page 179. Leaders: John Hocutt 145b, 312b; Arnold Moore 460, 480; Mae Conwill 206, 314; Keterina Sanders 317b, 454; Clarence McCool 318, 349; A. A. Malone 183, 203; Lena Wakefield 498, 475; Lucy Heidorn 136, 30t; Cecil Sanders 482; Doyle Williams 36b, 137 (in memory of Tom and Lola Roberson); Earl Ballinger 176b, 177; Johnny Humber 288, 146; Josie Hyde 225t, 155.

The pastor of the church, Glenn Bridgeman, welcomed everyone to Old Sardis Church. He read from the Bible and made a nice talk on how the words of the songs were taken from the Bible and inspire our hearts as we sing.


The class resumed singing with Steve Miles leading song on page 240. Leaders: Larry Ballinger 119, 113; Gene Wakefield 332, 102; Ila Ingle 382 (in memory of her mother, Annie Harper), 436 (in memory of her dad, Tom Harper); Tressie Adkins 336, 217, 78; Odie V. Horton 108t, 108b; Elmer Conwill (in memory of Uncle Tom Harper) 411, 500; Marie Aldridge 192, 316.


John Hyde called the class to order leading songs on pages 75 and 73t. Leaders: Faye Donaldson 270, 40; Billy Williams 294, 64; Homer Miles 147t, 373; Gwenn Cornelison 143, 100; Sandy Mobley 445, 65; Brenda Matthews 45t; Beth Mobley 46, 385b; Kermit Adams 384; Beatrice Brewer 176b, 298; Ila Ingle and Dwight Ingle 358, 112 (in memory of Tom Harper); Cecil Wakefield, Clifford Wakefield, Gene Wakefield, Nadine Willis, Faye Donaldson, Julie Postom, Betty Baccus, Ashley Cook, and Julie Cook (sons, daughters, and grandchildren of S. L. and Catherine Wakefield) 141, 59, 282. The class was dismissed with prayer led by Steve Miles.

Chairman—Steve Miles; Vice Chairman—Travis Keeton; Secretary—Josie Hyde.